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and MARHABA to take advantage of the offer on Gulf Air. To Gulf Air | Book our flights online & save Bahrain's domestic air company, Gulf Air, is based in Muharraq with its Bahrain International Terminal at its international hubs. It serves many cities such as Bahrain, Larnaca, Cairo, Addis Ababa, Paris, Frankfurt, Athens, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mumbai, Shiraz, Tehran, Baghdad, Najaf, Beirut, Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot, Dammam, Moscow, Doha, Manila and many others.

The Gulf Air currently comprises Airbus A320, Airbus A321 and Airbus A330. At Gulf Air hat Codeshare-Vereinbarungen mit American Airlines, EgyptAir, KLM, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Saudia, Thai Airways und Yemenia. Please use the above toolbar to find Gulf Air flight comparisons with similar companies. At Gulf Air we run a Falconflyer programme to provide Gulf Air to travelers on a daily basis.

By booking a Gulf Air ticketing, you can earn points to work towards promotions. Unfortunately, Gulf Air is not yet part of an airlines group. When you are a Gold or Gold member of the Gulf Air Falconflyer program, you will be given free extra luggage in addition to the free luggage restrictions for your trip.

The Falcon Gold Lounge is available in Bahrain, Dubai and London. Offering luxury passenger comforts, personal space and personal ized services in luxury surroundings. The A320neo went into operation on schedule this week-end after the first A320neo of this aircraft was delivered on Saturday. Launched on Sunday, the A9C-TA will be deployed on selected presses from Bahrain Int'l to Dubai Int'l, Larnaca, Athens Int'l, Kuwait and Beirut.

Today Gulf Air made its maiden voyage between Bahrain and Kozhikode. This new non-stop operation will be powered by either an Airbus A320-100 or an Airbus A320-200. The Kozhikode is the 8th target in India that Gulf Air approach. Gulf Air has planned that the carrier will provide the services on a day-to-day basis.

In 2023, Gulf Air is exploring the opportunity to fly to a number of targets in North America as part of a wider program to expand its global airline coverage to other nations around the globe. Gulf Air CEO Waleed Abdul Hamid Al Alawi, Deputy CEO Krishmir Kuchko and US Ambassador to Bahrain recently joined Gulf Air's CEO Waleed Abdul Hamid Al Alawi to talk about expanding into North America.

Already Gulf Air shares frequencies with US Airlines to link Europe with US towns and US towns with Bahrain, but in 2023 Gulf Air would conduct the frequencies independently. Towns to which Gulf Air would be flying have not yet been decided, but they are likely to be towns with large airport facilities that can act as gateway routes to other regional destination.

This change is part of a wide range of recent Gulf Air achievements, including modernization of the Gulf Air aircraft portfolio, extension of the Gulf Air service portfolio, expanded range of products and a new long-term strategy for the airline's continued success. Safran and Tangierine, leading brands and designs consulting firms, announce the introduction of their new trademark for the Kingdom of Bahrain's domestic air company, Gulf Air.

This change is part of a wide range of recent Gulf Air achievements, including modernization of the Gulf Air portfolio, extension of the Gulf Air infrastructure, expanded range of products and a new long-term strategy for the airline's continued development. The new Gulf Air make and the first arriving Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner planes were formally revealed on April 8, 2018, GULF AIR GULFRAIN GRAND PRIX Racing day 2018, with a special Flypass prior to the event, presenting not only the airline's latest state-of-the-art planes, but also the new Gulf Air paint scheme.

This new brand is a new corporate design and brand approach that underscores Gulf Air's innovation lead and its heritage as one of the region's leading carriers. It took two years to complete the implementation of the Gulf Air development and was carried out by Tangierine and Safron in partnership with Gulf Air's senior executives and board of directors.

The result of this relationship is a distinctive and distinctive corporate image that is reflected at every point of contact with Gulf Air's services, from Safran's reappraisal of pre-flight expertise to the work of the mandarin on the plane. At the end of April, Gulf Air expanded its portfolio with the first Boeing 787-9 dreamliner. Boeing's US plant supplied the plane to its Bahrain International Airport turnstile.

He greeted the plane with a greeting of a canoe. Gulf Air CEO, Kre?imir Ku?ko, and a number of other important members of the company were on the plane. In this context, the Chairman of Gulf Air said he was very pleased with the airline's new plane and described it as a decisive step in improving their products and client satisfaction, which will also enable them to extend their networks.

Gulf Air will be increasing the number of services from its Bahrain International Airport (BAH) to Larnaca International Airport (LCH) in 2018. Bahrain's beloved daily service between Cyprus and Bahrain will now run once a week. It is part of a wider policy to add 200 more week trips in the 2018s compared to 2017s.

Bahrain-Lanarca will remain operated with the Airbus A3200-100-100/200. Gulf Air will take off a flight five flights a week on 11 June between Casablanca and Manama. It will take approximately 7 hrs 20 min and the carrier will use its new Boeing 787 for the operation of the route.

Bahrain Airlines issued a declaration calling this new line, which will link Bahrain and Morocco, a "big leap" in its ongoing plans for growth. Boeing recently concluded deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner to Gulf Air. The 787 will be the first of its kind to be operated by the Bahrani carriers and will be used twice daily on a flight between Bahrain International (BAH) and London Heathrow (LHR).

Kre?imir Ku?ko, CEO of Gulf Air, described the 787's landing as a historical milestone. "Gulf Air will get another four Boeing 787s in 2018. Bahrain's UK airline and Bahrain's Grand Prix patron used the grand race to present its first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which also came with a new Gulf Air paint job.

Scheduled for delivery on 27 April, the new addition will provide Gulf Air's double-day London Heathrow facility with more capability and improved product and customer support from 15 June this year. By the end of 2018 a further five Dreamliner will be added to Gulf Air's flight schedule, two more will arrive by the end of 2019 and three by the end of 2020. Also scheduled to take off in June....

The Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will have 282 2:2 seating capacity with 26 Falcon Gold and 256 Business passengers. Kucko Kresimir, CEO of Gulf Air, said: "Proud to be the Bahrain Grand Prix champion since writing for the first time in 2004, it's appropriate that we use this space today to showcase our new Gulf Air paint and line.

Response from the general press to the Gulf Airfly Pass's visit back at the Bahrain Grand Prix and the early sight of one of our newest arriving planes was consistently upbeat. "The Bahrain ian Gulf Air flags expect to receive deliveries of their first Boeing 787-9 by the end of this month, said the carrier on April 6, when it revealed the first look at its new logo.

With the new A320, A321 and A330-200, the current fleets will be replaced. From 15 June, the first two 787-9s will operate Gulf Air's two-day London Heathrow facility, which offers higher capacities and enhanced on-board product and customer support. Although he refused to provide further detail, he said the cab would be significantly better than regular airline B. C. offers.

" Even the airline's latest A321s have this function - uncommon in a singlesaver. According to Gulf Air, the Bahrain-Paris route has proven its worth. Replacing the recent painting of a golden front hull and deep bluish nacelle with a pure grey hull, with Gulf Air giant title on the front hull and a more realistic representation of the hawk icon on the vertical tail.

Said the company will announce more detail next week-end during the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix Motorsport. Gulf Air, the Bahrain-based air transport company, today partnered with VFS Global, the premier outsourcer and technological services company, to introduce a tourism visas solution for its passenger fleet operating through its worldwide airport hub system.

Part of this package is that Gulf Air passengers with round-trip ticket can request a Bahrain on-line visas 30 working days before departure, or via the airline's own regional ticket agency with the necessary documentation, as a clearance states. Visas require at least four working day and are issued in consultation with the competent departments and agencies, the clearance is added.

The Gulf Air company is planning the expansion of Bahrain - Moscow Domodedovo service in 2018 with an additional eight flights a week. The Airbus A320s serve this range from 25MAR18. In November 2017, Gulf Air will once again adjust its Bahrain - London Heathrow service planes, which are currently operated twice daily by A330-200s.

A 110-seater Airbus will again be deployed in every second GF003/006 flight from 01 November 17 to 30 November 17 (except 04 November 17 and 05 November 17). The Gulf Air company will expand its services to Russia in 2017/18 due to the fact that the company plans the Bahrain - Moscow Domodedovo services with effect from 29OCT17. Airbus A 320s currently serve this area four weekly.

Please be aware of changes in the operating plan for the winterseason, as well as select connections leaving Bahrain during the night time. Bahrain's domestic airline, Gulf Air, and Greece's biggest airline, Aegean Airlines, have formed a code share to expand their network in Europe and the Middle East. Specifically, travelers can now share codes on Bahrain, Athens, Brussels and Rome, while travelers from Geneva, Milan and Vienna can now share codes on Athens to Bahrain with Gulf Air.

Throughout the year, the domestic airline will operate a four-week non-stop flight between Bahrain and the Grecian capitol and will also offer two day trips or more to ten local towns in the GCC and Mena regions, enabling travellers to comfortably and smoothly pass through Bahrain to seamlessly continue their journey via the golf flightnet.

Bahrain's Bahrain Air operator, Gulf Air, recently welcomed major tour operators in Dubai to an evening where the airline's latest development and customer-focused initiative was presented, while it thanked visitors for their long-standing assistance. Recently, Gulf Air has introduced to the market a range of seating systems such as paid seating, extra luggage and lounging options, all of which are designed to make traveling more convenient for travellers while giving them more complete management of various pre-trip add-ons.

In addition, the company has recently introduced an on-line air booking and group booking service to provide better passenger accessibility to information that is timely and important and to facilitate group travellers' journey via the Gulf Air service as well. And Gulf Air has just named a new Egypt County Executive. Bahrain's Gulf Air announces the nomination of Mr. Wael Mattar as the new Arab Republic of Egypt County Director, with effect from July 2017.

With over 23 years of aerospace industry expertise, Mr. Mattar previously served the airline's business missions in the areas of distribution and distribution and represented Gulf Air in the GCC area. Currently Gulf Air services 42 towns in 25 different nationalities on three different continents. Gulf Air is the world's largest carrier of air services. Cairo and Bahrain, which provides smooth movements on the same days and connects travellers via its Bahrain International Airport hubs to and from major GCC, Indian subcontinent and European destination airports.

Gulf Air announced in July 2017 that it had recently launched its refurbished IT data centre, which received conformity rating according to the Animal 3 standards. During the celebrations, Maher Salman Al Musallam, Gulf Air's CEO, paid a visit to the IT data center and officially inaugurated the modernized facilities, allowing the carrier to make sure its core businesses of hosting essential business operations are always available.

Gulf Air in June 2017 announces that it will begin its eight flight operations in Europe. On 23 June, Gulf Air celebrates the commencement of its triple-week flight to the Georgia city of Tbilisi (TBS). The carrier's Bahrain (BAH) hubs are served by its Airbus A320 aircraft and do not face any form of face-to-face competition.

At Gulf Air, it will receive deliveries of its first B787-9 in the second trimester of next year. The Gulf Air B787-9s will accommodate 282 in a two-class layout, twenty-six in Falcon Gold and 256 in Economy. And Gulf Air announces a $37 million contract for new airplane seating for its new family.

Bahrain's domestic airliner Gulf Air has placed an order with Recaro, the leading Germany based airframe company, for the delivery of seat systems for its 10 new Boeing 787-9 and 29 Airbus 320/321neo aircrafts. An agreement worth over 35 million Euro (37.3 million dollars) was concluded at the Hamburg Airport Interiors Expo.

Gulf Air has been using Recaro Air Recaro since 2009 on the airline's short-haul flights in the Economics and Business/Falcon Gold series. The Gulf Air arrivals consist of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, Airbus A321neo and Airbus A320neo. With Gulf Air flying to many global airports, we offer a low priced and secure passenger experience.

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