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Low cost Multi Leg flights

Metropolitan flights, especially those without flexibility. With our multicentre holidays, you can combine two or more places to make the most of each experience and enjoy a double holiday. The chance of finding a cheap flight on weekdays is greater. Flight cheaper thanks to multi-city search. At the beginning of this week I tried to book a one-way flight from Atlanta to Detroit.

Flight discounts thanks to multi-city searching

At the beginning of this weeks I tried to make a one-way booking from Atlanta to Detroit. Searching Google Flights for the first time seemed to be very interesting. Tried to limit the lookup to "One World", but Google Flights couldn't find flights that way. But I knew there was an AA plane to Dallas that night and then a plane from Dallas to Detroit.

In order to find the itinerary, I typed the cities in the Google Facility's Multi-City Seek. Now it has found the itinerary I was looking for at a sensible cost! Like any AA / US Airways airline ticket, I signed into my Citi ThankYou bank card to make my booking.

ThankYou could find the itinerary when I was looking in a direction ATL to DTW. Unfortunately, the prize that came up was much higher: 267 dollars. Booking via AA? Perhaps ThankYou calculated the fare wrong? So I went to to look for the same simple plane, and even it had a higher price: $262 (only $5 less expensive than ThankYou).

I then tried a several hour long quest on and specified exactly the segment I wanted. Browsing multiple cities, found the $163 prize for exactly the same itinerary! So I didn't buy the plane, but put it on ice with American Airlines. Some of the things I found out through this tutorial is that the multi-city outcome gave me N-class fare (heavily reduced economy), while the one-way quest led to V-class fare (discount economy).

To those looking for excellence through points, N-Fares provide only . 5 Qualifying Points (EQPs) per U.S. Dollars, while V-Fares provide 1 Qualifying Point per U.S. Dollars. Each offers 100% EQM (? qualifying miles). Not many other utilities I tried, but Google Flights,, ITA Matrix and Orbitz all did the same.

One-way rates were about $262, while multi-city rates for exactly the same flights were $163. In the end, I went through the Barclay Arrival RewardsBoost to Orbitz to make the booking. Offering 2 points per dollars, the site also features a prestige map offering 3 points per dollars for airline tickets and tour operators, plus Orbitz offering 1% back in Orbitz reward (which can be used for upcoming hotels).

Through Google Flights I have connected a number of different one-way itineraries. Wherever the best one-way rate seemed high, I tried the same routing through the multi-city sounder. Approximately a third of the while I found a better prize via the multi-city searche! Instead, I am offering a basic recommendation: Every and every times you consider purchasing a tickets that includes at least one stop, try a multiple cities quest and connect the same single segment.

When the results are less expensive, you should be able to make the reservation this way. Notice that Wandering Aramean made mistakes when trying to make a booking in this way on, but he was unsuccessful when he crossed Orbitz for the same route. I think Orbitz is a better choice anyway, because you can make portals and Orbitz awards and you can quit for 24hrs for free (which AA doesn't back by booking on because they provide a stop instead).

Your rates are not displayed in aggregate browsers like Google Flights, Kayak or Hipmunk.

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