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is a full-service private aviation company specializing in private jet charter, aircraft management and maintenance. Talon Air, Inc. offers private jet charter and aircraft management.

He was facing a social media disaster. He reacted quickly and brilliantly (and could have rescued his company).

When many Americans first learned about Talon Air, a privately owned New York based New York based aircraft charters firm, it was probably this weekend - after the mom of a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter was on Facebook to smash her. It was Linda Schulman, whose boy Scott J. Beigel was murdered, who went chartering.

She and her familiy first learned of the disaster when she said vacation schools and a home PGA golf-related incident mean every seat on every plane to Florida was booked out. Frantic, she said she found Talon Air. "Although I had never previously hired a jet before, I knew it would be extremely costly.

I didn't care what it took ~ I had to see my son," she said on Facebook. After that, she said, she was horrified to find out that she hadn't been billed the 18,000 dollars and more for the flight from New York to Florida, but another 18,000 dollars to give the airplane back to New York afterwards.

"I' m fine with the fact that I have to accept that I have to pay for a way," she said, "even the cost of returning home with petrol... but $18,229. Fifty-six for the plane's homecoming? "Very quickly, her Facebook contribution took off: A lot of people felt for her, although many others criticised her for having chartered a ticket and then tried to get out of it.

History struck the New York Times, surpassed the Fox Times at one point and went beyond. It seems Talon Air is quite successful: "northeast's biggest privately owned aircraft charters operator," according to the site, with a complete jets family. The Talon could have quickly grown from "the privately owned jets firm LeBron James is raving about" to "the privately owned jets firm that accused the bereaved mom of a casualty in a massive shootout.

"Since I am a parental myself, I was shocking and heartbreaking when your Facebook mail was made known to me only last night around midnight," he texted Schulman in a note that both she and the MSDStrong Facebook page (a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School help page) openly communicated.

Not only did he reimburse and forgive their full guilt for the Hawker 4000 aircraft, but his firm would also make a $18,000 gift to a monument in the name of their boy. Katz's activities with only a few brief sections totally altered the tale and turned a decisive and adverse history about his business into a good one.

Katz made it clear that he hadn't even listened to it until about six and a half years after Schulman published her appeal. As far as I can tell, Talon Air had the right to bill the Schulman couple for the plane and the trip back under their agreement.

Instead, the undertaking reimbursed all costs and made a substantial contribution. Schoolman' s first Facebook mail is imbedded below.

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