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Contact number Hackney Council

Please contact us | Hackney Council See our support policy, which describes our efforts to enhance our support experience while lowering the cost of providing it. Or you can check out our Client Support Charta, which tells you what to look forward to when you contact us. Or you can use our Find My Next Device utility to find town halls and local government departments in your area.

Browse A through B of the service for contact information. To contact the Council on matters such as industrial refuse, car parks, fees, licenses, etc., please use the following e-mail addresses: You can also see photos of council meetings on Flickr - Hackney Council.

Over the next 3 years, our goal is to further improve our service to customers while lowering deployment cost. We have a 2 -pillar approach to achieving this: to do it right the first moment - in people, over the telephone or on-line. This means not only less disappointment for you, but also fewer needless contacts to avoid, saving your advice times and monies.

What our clients can look forward to when they contact us can be found in our charter: Were you called'WOW' by our support team? Once you've got a great deal of support from one of our employees, either on the telephone or in person, you can choose to appoint him for a WHOW!

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With 10,000 inhabitants ordering a container for grocery scraps in the last two years, Hackney is now more than ever recyclable. On Wednesday, a newly opened booth and locker rooms were opened in Hackney Marshes and complete the million-dollar Marshes and Mabley Green transformations by the Hackney Council.

Since 1873 already there have been dark artists shaping the Hackney culture world. In the 1970' s the district was a leader in styles such as rocking steady and reggae and produced its own international celebs. Next months new opening at the Hackney Museum will explore this and the important story and heritage of the district's Africa and Caribbean musical heritage.

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