Tfl Minicab Licence

Minicab Tfl License

Taxi and private car rental (PHV) in London must be inspected and approved by Transport for London (TfL). Car registrations for London taxis. (e.g. reduced licence fees for barrier-free vehicles) to make this possible.

TfL's Minicab Industrie (PHV) Consultion 'Transport for all' Barrier-free Transport in London

At TfL we advise on regulatory issues for the London based Hire Vehicle (PHV / Minicab) market. Among their suggestions, we are very pleased that there is a proposal to make equal opportunities education for people with disabilities a prerequisite for obtaining a licence. Currently only about 5% of the mini cabs are handicapped persons - in comparison to 100% of the taxis.

In our opinion, handicapped people should have the same selection of Minicab? What about cabs?' than other people. However, if TfL does not make a goal for the availability of the mini cable, however, handicapped persons will still face longer waiting times and higher fees for booking a taxis. Are you going to send a letter to the TfL asking them to establish a goal for more easily available mini cabs?

TfL calls on the TfL to establish a goal of 25% of the passenger car pool by 2018 to be suitable for wheelchairs and to use incentive measures (e.g. reducing licence charges for barrier-free vehicles) to make this possible. An earlier TfL consultative document in September proposed that "We are informed that over 4000 answers have been submitted by taxis and motorists, and therefore it is important that handicapped and elderly persons take our word.

Take five moments to contact TfL and tell them what they need to do to make taxes and phvs available to everyone. Thus, for those in wheelchairs and scooters living in the London outskirts with fewer taxi cars, there can be very long waiting times for an available minicab; and impromptu rides become practically unfeasible.

During peak hours (e.g. at the beginning and end of the classroom day), disabled people can have long waiting periods for a minicab - or no minicab at all. The emergence of app-based passenger information technology (PHV) such as Uber has given raise to genuine fears that the number of taxis on the streets will decrease, and the provision of an available taxi will become a "premium service" that will cost more.

Tell the TfL in your reply to the consultations that you think they should establish a goal for 25% of Phare to be available by 2018 and take steps to achieve this. Her answer will be stronger if she is personal: Maybe you have experience or tales of long waiting times for an available minicab or visit other towns where there are more available mini cabs.

It is our wish that equal opportunities education for persons with disabilities become a requirement for the approval of ALL driver, even cabbies. It is also our demand that this course be conducted not through e-learning, but personally and by handicapped persons, as our own experiences show that face-to-face courses are much more effective than on-line schooling.

Tell the TfL in your reply to the call that you believe that taxis and health insurance should undergo compulsory equal opportunities education for disabled people. Her answer will be stronger if she is personal: Perhaps you have experience or tales of riders whose behavior has persuaded you that they really need gender empowerment education!

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