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Serving a demanding customer base, Talon understands the need for helicopter charter flights at all times. The Helicopter Charter Company is one of the leading companies for helicopters and airplane charts. Getting your own helicopter charter business off the ground

Lately I've received many blogs commentaries and email from would-be helicopter pilot. They see the realities of the helicopter employment market: too many entry-level pilot, too few vacancies, low start wages and an education that will costs them between 60,000 and 80,000 dollars. You could read about it in a posting that will remain the most beloved of all times in this blog:

"Helicopter job market. "More than two years ago I was writing this article, in March 2007, at the peak of the Silver State's ascent as a helicopter flying academy. It was tiring to see young men (mostly) being betrayed by pledges of $80,000/year job that simply didn't come true for embossed corporate helicopter drivers.

But without taking an active stand against Silver State and the corporations that had pursued their strategies to make a fast profit. A Ponzi schema that would build a huge flying college on the cash of tomorrow's pupils. Silver State crumbled, keeping many college kids in indebtedness without their diplomas, while hundred of airline drivers were looking for work in low hours, when college kids ceased enrolling because of their incapacity to obtain funding or because of a case of intelligence and billing.

It is a pity, not only for the individuals who are trying to bear the costs of air travel education that they may or may not have received, but also for the employer, who, as a result of the bullying of so many low level flyers on the labour force, is easily able to select and vote and drop fares. Major seasonally based workplaces in the Grand Canyon and Alaska have employed fewer pilot this year than ever before, and even in the Gulf of Mexico even began firing them.

Several would-be drivers think that there is another way to develop a aviation carrier, a kind of do-it-yourself approach. Perhaps you'll see in this blogs that I didn't go the normal way - that is, going from personal to professional driver, getting the first 1,000 lessons for an introductory position, etc. - but I'm not the only one.

Instead, I got my own merchant ticketing and set up my own helicopter charter shop. I then got a larger helicopter and a Part 135 certification and seemed, it seems, happy in the money while I was in my own helicopter around. Whilst enquiries from new or would-be pilot are nothing new, the new thing is that the council they want is how to set up their own helicopter charterers.

Apparently, they believe that because they will not find a position readily, they will be able to set up their own company as a kind of "shortcut" to the careers they want. Expend $50,000 to study how to pilot a helicopter and get a licence for flying a helicopter commercially. Expend another $30,000 to $50,000 for the construction period so you can enjoy safe flying in most circumstances.

Expend $346,000 or more on buying a helicopter, about $10,000 a year for maintenance and $12,000 to $32,000 a year for insurance. Ten years and nearly a million bucks that you have invested in starting and running your company, lean back and see how your investments in cash and water are languishing in an economic environment where few individuals want or can afford to do so.

It'?s good to have a helicopter. However, the simplest of realities is that setting up a helicopter charter company is a giant cash cow. I' m in the air travel industry spending more cash than most aviators make every year. Had I no other good revenue stream, I couldn't even buy this deal.

Think again if you think that setting up your own helicopter charter company is a fast and simple, cost-saving way to start a helicopter flying carrier. Simply put in your own amount of cash and time.

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