Smart Cab

Intelligent cabin

The brand-new Smart Cab has been developed by Rosenbauer with the functionality of a customer-specific chassis and the ease of maintenance of a commercial chassis. Smart Cab training; installation. S SMART CAB, Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Smartcab - CCC

Genuine added value for our customers:ibility, sustainability and profit. Thanks to its modulary structure, it can be used flexibly for different types of vehicle. This means for the customers: high product performance, low cost of ownership for devices and developments and a fast and risk-free launch of operations. The new cab also shows the way forward for use in the Smart Farms segment, with the emphasis on economy.

Generally, many I/Os and third-party electronic devices can be easily incorporated. Smart CAB, the security system behind the system, also relies on state-of-the-art technology. To reduce glare for other cars and operators, the built-in eye-tracking cameras follow the driver's line of vision and dim the unobserved surroundings. environmental visualisation via a changing mirrorsystem, ultrasonic sensor and all-round viewing system. or pedestrian or work area demarcation. manual positioning and ergonomic operator interfaces. while simultaneously cutting down on fuel burn and pollutant emission.

DEULA (German Association for Farm Technology) and Deutsche Vereinigung für Landtechnik (DLG) with the Systems & Components suppliers plattform as our partner for hostings.


Leveraging the world's fire extinguishing capabilities and fire extinguishing equipment designers, Rosenbauer has developed the brand new Smart Cab with the features, drivability and spaciousness of a customized frame with the ease of maintenance of a commercially available frame. With our advanced styling we can help your budgets, maximize your ressources and provide the utmost in comfortable cruising for your team. There is nothing better than the Smart Cab from Rosenbauer.

Smart Cab comes with forward directed cockpit berths as fitted as standard offering up to eight passenger capacity. The Smart Cab has a standing height of 70 inch and a width of 100 inch and offers enough space for the crews during the journey and for assistance. Available are either SCBA or NFPA approved mounting fits, both with NFPA approved safety belt.

Big openings between the cabins ensure good communications and a good view for the entire team. Simple one-touch entry to the devices you need for special brackets for devices such as torches, mittens, radios, infrared imaging devices, AEDs, and accelerometers provides simple emergency entry.

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