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Name of New York Jets

The location of the new stadium between the two major New York airports, symbols of this fast, modern era, shaped the choice of the new name "Jets". The New York Jets have a new start quarterback and a new face for the franchise. Beginner Sam Darnold was officially named the starter Monday, announced coach Todd Bowles.

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Some of the most common research question asked by Hall of Fame researchers is how a particular NFL crew has chosen their name." On March 29, 1996, the Baltimore NFL was transformed into the Ravens. Nicknamed from three Baltimore Sun finals in a survey.

The Baltimore enthusiasts chose the name in honour of Edgar Allan Poe, the US writer who wrote his celebrated verse "The Raven" while in Baltimore. The BUFFALO BILLS - Buffalo's crew at the 1946 All-America Football Conference (AAFC) were the bisons. A competition was organized in 1947 to change the name of the winning James Breuil from the Frontier Oil Company group.

The winner, who continues to pursue the "border" issue, also suggested that the Fronttier Oil support group "...opened a new border in sport in the west of New York". "When Buffalo entered the new American League in 1960, the name of the city's former pro-football entrance was adopted.

Caroline Panthers - Jerry Richardson's son Mark is in charge of selecting Panthers as the family name. Mark, who felt there should be some "synergy" between the name and the colours of the teams, also proposed the colours of the teams namely blacks, blues and siers. Chicagoo BEAR - When this squad became a founding member of the American Professional Football Association (APFA) in 1920, they were in Decatur, IL, and were appointed after the team's sponsors, the Staley Starch Company.

In 1921 the Chicago Staleys became the Chicago Staleys. 1922, after George Halas, founding director and star-end George bought the squad, he renamed it the Bears. The reason given by Mr Halas was that because footballers were generally taller than ballplayers, and the city's ballers were the boys, the club should be the bears.

Paul Brown chose the name because there had once been a Bengal name for a top player soccer club in Cincinnati, and the adoption of this name "would establish a connection with earlier top soccer in Cincinnati. "The Cleveland All-America FAI Conference Ranch held a 1945 fans competition to name the squad.

First of all Mr Crown put in a veto against the election and the teams chose the name "Panthers. "However, after an area merchant notified the squad that he held the Cleveland Pants name from a previously unsuccessful squad, Mr Brown rescinded his opposition and consented to the use of his name.

In the first few month after its foundation the DALLAS COWBOYS group was called "oxen". However, after a few short days the name was renamed to "Rangers". "At the same that Dallas had a base soccer squad working under this name, it was supposed to collapse before the 1960 FIFA World Cup game.

But when the ball came back for another campaign, Clint Murchison Jr. and Bedford Wynne, two proprietors of the new NFL squad, chose the name Cowboys to prevent confusions. The DENVER BRONCOS - "Broncos" was the winner of a 1960 AFL competition organized by the AFL family.

However, the first to be named the Denver Broncos is not the local club. Denver's entrance into the Midwest Baseball League in 1921 was also referred to as Broncos. The name GREEN BAY PACKERS - was self-evident as the squad was first supported by the Indian Packing Company and later by the Acme Packing Company.

Despite both firms giving up their operations, the Packers group flourished. HUSTON TEXANS - After Houston was honored with the NFL's thirty-two NFL deductible on October 6, 1999, a string of focal groups was created to help find a moniker for the group. In March 2, 2000, the Apollos, Bobcats, Stallions, Texans and Wildcatters made five decisions.

Following much thought, the Texan name, colours and logos were revealed by the Texan staff at a demonstration in Houston city centre on 6 September 2000. INDIA POLIS COLTS - Baltimore's first professional foosball squad was a member of the AAFC in 1947. The name Colts was born from a competition of fans, which reflects the great traditions and proud histories of the Baltimore region's equestrian world.

Colts originally dissolved after the 1950 campaign, but the name was maintained when a new Baltimore Franchise began playing in 1953. In 1984, the squad relocated to Indianapolis. The name Jaguars was chosen by a competition of fans. Among the names in the final were sharks, stingrays and even panthers, but Jaguars was finally chosen on December 6, 1991.

In 1963, when the squad relocated to Kansas City, the new name was chosen through a fans competition. INNESOTA VICINGS innesota vicings - Bert rose, the first general executive of the Minnesota squad that started the NFL game in 1961, chose the name vicings because so many locals in Minnesota and the region have tracked their legacy back to Scandinavia.

NEUE ENGLAND-PATRIOTEN - The new AFL crew, initially based in Boston, was appointed patriotic because of the region's inheritance as the site of the birth of the American Revolution. THE NEW YORK GIANTS - Owner Tim Mara "borrowed" the name Giants from the eponymous Major League baseball squad of the town. That was not uncommon among the early prom franchise.

There were NFL-franchises named New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers at some point. News York Jets - New York's model AFL unit was referred to as the Titans. In 1963, when Sonny Werblin took over the business, he renamed the company Jets to represent his team's contemporary style and the star-studded achievements he was hoping his squad would make.

QAKLAND RAIDERS - For a brief spell, the new AFL squad was known as Senors, but when the 1960s began, the Oakland squad was known as Raiders. There is no information about the origins of the name Raiders, but since it is doubtful that a competition for fans would have been held in Oakland, since the first squad would have to be in San Francisco, it is very likely that the name was selected by main proprietor Chet Soda and his associates.

Bell was hoping that his deductible would be used for a new contract, so he chose Eagles as his name. PETTSBURGH STELERS pettsburgh stelers - The 1933 initial squad was called after the city's ball game squad. By 1940 the owner Art Rooney Sr. renamed the company Stahlers to better reflect the city's dominating iron and steel industries.

The LOUIS RAMS was founded in 1936 in Cleveland as a member of the American League soccer. 1937 the NFL squad entered. Main proprietor Homer Marshman and his general director Damon "Buzz" Wetzel chose the name Ram because Wetzel had said that his favourite club had always been the Fordham Ram and Marshman liked the name.

AN FRANCISCO 49ers - The name was adopted when San Francisco received an AAFC France in 1946. This name was chosen in appreciation of the pioneer and adventure spirits of the 1849 men of the 1849 Goldrush in the Sierra Nevada mountain range just east of San Francisco. The Seahawks was proposed by 151 participants and rated by the cast as the best one.

The TAMPA BAY BCUCCANEERS - A committee examined 400 possible names and select BCUCCANEERS. In 1932 George Preston Marshall bought an NFL deductible and called it the Boston Braves after the Major League baseball outfit. But after a disastrous and poorly visited financial year in 1932, Marshall gave up the name Braves in favour of the redskins.

Redskins' name was maintained when the Redskins relocated to Washington in 1937.

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