Rent a Helicopter for Prom

Hire a helicopter for Prom

Search also on the following pages for flight schools in your area. I will try to answer this as simply as possible and if you need more details, please feel free to answer. of these variables is the length of the rental period.

From £2000

Apply a magic touch to your prom by using exhilarating and exhilarating means of transport. To get an exact quotation click on "Request final quotation" after you have prepared a quotation and we will get back to you within 2 workinghours of your request (during business hours). This may seem a little bit harsh, but in the last ten years the prom has been transformed from a mere ball dancing in the sports hall into a smooth happening that lasts up to a year according to schedule.

Luxurious ball transport for the final ball

One of your last opportunities to make an impact on your class mates and one of your last opportunities to experience this magic sensation of being on top of the global stage for the remainder of your lives and having limitless opportunities. Neither do you have to be concerned about landings or noises, as we will fully research your final ball location to find a suitable place to go.

Detroit helicopter rental MI

While there are many ways to make your next helicopter show truly memorable, few are as original and thrilling as a helicopter ride! At Max Flight Helicopter we have a rich pool of expertise offering our range of products for charities, marriages, romantic excursions, churches, birthdays, engagement, suggestions and much more!

Not only will your fundraising campaign be a success, there are many ways to use our helicopter service to make it an unforgettable one! Historically, we have conducted Santa Claus supplies to provide kids with a magic, unique gaming adventure, and added goldball and marshalow dropping competitions that provide an added level of thrill and stimulus to the classic sweepstakes enjoy.

No matter if you want to give your meeting a special note or just offer a happy sponsor a trip he will never ever let go, we will work with you to meet your needs and your budgets. Our affordability and our unmatched services make Max Flight Helicopter Services the clever option for your fundraising events in Novi, Birmingham, the Great Ile or other Metro Detroit.

Did you look for the ideal way to ask the questions or ask a particular tidbit on the occasion of your jubilee or your betrothal? Perhaps you are looking for a truly memorable bridal moment. Is there a better way to take your big days to the next stage than being taken away from your ceremonies in a helicopter flight?

Our helicopter flights are professionally designed for wedding ceremonies, jubilees, engagement and more! The helicopter service is ideal to delight your beloved ones with a sophisticated, unique and breathtaking adventure. Together with our passengers, we can design an individual timetable that will take you to the destination of your choosing.

Turn your next Metro Detroit fundraiser, ecclesiastical gathering, betrothal, wedding ceremonial or extra memorable occasion into an unforgettable experience with Max Flight Helicopter Services.

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