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Sell Boeing 737 Bbj

BBJ Aircraft For Sale Boeing 737 | 747 | 757 | 757 | 767 | 777 | 777 | 787 aircraft For Sale. The astonishing BBJ went into operation in spring 2014 and flew just 950 hours. BBJ 737-7 Boeing Business Jet for sale.

BBJ MAX orders announced by Boeing with sustained revenue growth - Xinhua

May 28, SAN FRANCISCO (Xinhua) -- US top jet maker Boeing Co. today reported four new orders for its long-haul and ultrahigh-haul jets from its unknown "elite customers" that will boost revenue dynamics in 2018. As Boeing said in a declaration, two of this year's new orders for the Boeing BBJ MAX plane are Boeing MAX jets, resulting in a 19 plane shortfall and making the BBJ MAX one of the best-selling corporate jets in company histories.

BBJ MAX is built on Boeing's new 737 MAX aircraft, which offers 14 per cent improved refuelling efficiencies, 787-style display and several sophisticated new aircraft technologies. Boeing said the aircraft is able to fly 12,964 km with a lower cab height and offers the customer more reach, convenience and room than any commercial aircraft in its category.

"Boeing's corporate jet product line continues to attract significant interest from our existing clientele, which is reflected in new orders and a rising order backlog," said Greg Laxton, Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Commercial Jet. "Laxton added, "The BBJ MAX's power benefit is a great revenue generator," and the airplane is perfect for those who want to keep on flying without having to stop.

The first BBJ MAX 8 was shipped by Boeing in April this year, with further shipments anticipated in the next few month, said the US jet carrier.

BBJ Max keeps up its strong growth in turnover, says EBACE again

Cookie, click away from this check or click "Close" Boeing Business Jets has made a sharp launch into the year with four new orders, two of which for the BBJ release of the 737 Max, said BBJ CEO Greg Laxton this morning at EBACE. Boeing, however, still has some work to do to reach last year's 16th time.

These two BBJ Max aircraft complements the order book of 19 aircraft, and Boeing claims that the revised narrow-body version will be "one of the best-selling corporate jets in history". The first BBJ Max 8 was shipped by Boeing in April and further samples will be provided in the next few month.

In 1996, Boeing established its own corporate jet department and has since received 259 orders and 233 deliveries. The order book comprises 19,737 Max planes, four BBJ 737s and three 787s.

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