Private Boeing 737 for Sale

Boeing 737 private for sale

It'?s up to the super rich to upgrade the old Jumbo-Jet. It' not about the supposed Titan of the private plane world like the powerful Gulfstream G5's or Global Expresses, whose inmates can jump across continences and seas at high speeds and plushy comforts without all the inconvenience of passenger airfields, flight plans and, well, foreigners. These are large long-haul aircraft that are transformed into private aircraft and can transport not only spoiled travellers and their surroundings, but in some cases also their Rolls Royces and racehorses.

They are private, purpose-built jet jumbos - normally carrying 300 to 400 people - but with interior spaces capable of accommodating no more than a few tens of people. The next big thing is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is rising for about 150 million dollars and more, in a segment in which many shareholders are gradually upgrading their fleet - beginning with a Boeing 737, for example, and finally up.

Lufthansa Technik is now exhibiting as a private aircraft, at least in the new "V. I.P." look, at the congress and exhibition of the National Business Aviation Association in Orlando, Fla. the 787 will have 35 berths - most of which can also be used as singles, queen-size or twin berths, said Jennifer Urbaniak, Lufthansa spokesperson.

"Aaga Duenhaupt, Lufthansa Technik's executive vice president in Hamburg, a Deutsche Lufthansa affiliate that design and build the interior for new and used (or "used", as they say in both the luxurious cars and jets markets) aircraft for private or business use, said, "There are about 39 Boeing 747s with interior configurations designed for V.I.P. use around the globe, and many 757s and 767s, one MD-11 and two 777s.

Although the first 787s are not due for delivery until 2008, sector analysts say that selling architectural interiors now makes good business sense because there is always great interest in the next big thing at the top end of the private jets out there. The order now makes sure that for a private 787 that is fully stocked, you get to the top of the line, they say.

PrivatAir, a leading private airline that sells private charters and single jets with large private configuration airplanes, is interested in purchasing a 787 from Boeing and equipping it with real luxuries, said CEO Greg Thomas. PrivatAir, which specialises in long-haul V.I.P. services, operates a 50 plane operated 757 of which are charters by government agencies around the world for specific use.

Mr Thomas said PrivatAir had ordered a 767 and was expecting to deliver at the end of this year. Jeumbo jumpers are often preferred by Arabian sheikhs and other marvelously affluent individuals who have a tendency not to promote their lavish lifestyle. One or two down markets, the 777s, 767s and 757s, are often sought after by company tycoons, including Larry Page and Sergey Brin, co-founders of Google, who last year purchased a used 767 and spend billions turning it into a private plane.

Mr. Gary was planning to reinvest in a larger private 1757, but now he says he is willing to step up the tyres of the 787 Dreamliner once the aircraft is on the airfield. In anticipation of a sharp rise in private consumption of long-haul aircraft in airline format, Lufthansa Technik is building a customer interior space creation facility for 787 aircraft.

Interior design was done in collaboration with Andrew Winch, who is known for creating luxurious interior spaces for large boats. The Luthnansa Technik is currently working on draft plans for the heavily retarded Airbus A380, which will be the largest aircraft in the skies when it becomes available. The A380 has a function that can attract the most status-conscious owner who can journey with subordinates, in top of its larger footprint for even more delicacy.

"A380 will provide the opportunity to divide the older V.I.P.'s from the younger V.I.P.'s because they have two deck and they can be kept apart," Mr Duenhaupt said.

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