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chopper costs

As you set your budget, you should also budget for maintenance costs. Did you ever want to go to flight school, but thought about the costs? What does a helicopter cost? Aviation & Beyond helicopter: We take you into the cockpits of helicopter copiers around the globe and share our wisdom and insights on how to become a helicopter copilot or helicopter marshal. Questions - How much does a helicopter cost?

- is a fairly frequent issue among certain readership, especially those who have a new interest or passion for helidecks.

You might also want to know how much a helicopter will cost versus a similar sized aircraft. Hubschrauber are more costly than aircrafts, if you compare them from sit to sit. However, how much a helicopter will cost will depend on a variety of different things, such as how old the helicopter is, how many fits, how many pistons or turbines it has, how much effort is spent on the various parts such as vanes, gears, engines, rear rotors, etc. The cost of a helicopter can vary greatly depending on the age of the helicopter.

and of course, what kind of system are on the helicopter, like electronic, autopilot, and so on. Such a small two-seater helicopter with a reciprocating motor as the Robinson R-22 Beta II from 2004 shown here can cost up to 120,000 dollars. Whilst this may seem like a high price for a helicopter, it's quite cheap when you compare it to a more luxury, 7-seater jet helicopter like this 2011 Bell 407, which was featured below on the list of controllers. com for over $3 million.

You can now see how much a helicopter with a fixed-wing aircraft costs. At the top we see a two-seater 2004 Robinson R-22 with a price of $120,000. Found this 2010 Cessna 162 Skycatcher, a two-seater aircraft, for purchase on Aerotrader.com for $69,500, nearly half the cost of what you would be paying for a two-seater helicopter 6 years older.

You have to start really thinking about how much a helicopter is really valuable, just for the capability to float or go low and low. One of the main reasons that a helicopter costs so much more than an aircraft (seat by seat) is that a helicopter has many more movable parts than an aircraft - in its performance and steering system - and more movable parts that are crucial to the helicopter's flying security.

Those crucial parts contain things like the rotors, rear rotors, engines and parts, transmissions, fuelling controls, regulators, and the listing goes on. As an example of how a helicopter is much more costly than an aircraft, a unique new spare 407 camel hub cost over $100,000.

There are four of these major blade rotors on the Bell 407. For example, you can envisage that if a slice of steel or other debris has flown into the blade of a Bell 407 and only two of the blade have been irreparably damaged, it is likely to cost the helicopter owners more than $200,000 to get the helicopter back into flight.

A further example of an expensive helicopter is the Sikorsky S-76+, a twin-jet turbojet power plant that can accommodate up to 12 people, according to seat configuration. Hubschrauber, which are similar to the one shown above, can cost up to 6 million dollars - 7 million dollars and more.

When all this turns your mind, you might be pleased to know that a four-seater jet helicopter like this MD500D can cost only $300,000 or even $600,000 for an older but well-maintained one. Among my favourite small helicopter models that some helicopter flyers can afford is the piston-powered, two-seater Swiss 300 (also known as the Hughes 269 and now the Sikorsky S-300).

The small helicopter is very indulgent and has been classified as the safest helicopter for practice in time. Because the helicopter was initially developed by the Hughes Tool Company, but over the years the production copyrights have been transferred to Schweizer and most recently to Sikorsky, the helicopter has had many different designations.

How much does such a helicopter cost? The Hughes 269 / Schweizer 300 would be at the top of my ranking if I were on the small helicopter pistons helicopter scene. Actually I did fly such a helicopter during my apprenticeship at Civic Helicopters in Carlsbad California in 2007.

However, if you really want to own your own helicopter and still suffer from a stickershock, there may be another alternative for you. It would be to consider the cost of a homemade helicopter. Everybody doesn't have the amount of free space, the amount of cash, the endurance or the ability to construct a helicopter.

The helicopter is a sophisticated flight plane and there is little room for errors in the construction or flight of it. However, the construction of your own helicopter from a single set is still an optional extra for some of you. At Rotorway International, we have a long tradition of producing high value helicopter construction sets designed for the do-it-yourselfer - over 48 years to be precise.

Initially established in 1961, Rotorway now sells the A600 Talon for $89,730 kits that include the motor and everything needed to get into the sky. RW7 kits cost close to a Hughes 269C manufactured at the plant, as shown above. You would probably have to have a keen interest in making your own helicopter to put the kits over a ready-to-fly, but older, Hughes or Swiss helicopter.

Another alternative would be to buy an older used Rotorway helicopter. This 1989 Rotorway Exec 152/162 is one of the cheapest choppers I've found so far, with a 240 hour ride on the chassis and powerplant, for only $33,500. However, there are a whole fistful of used - Rotorway airborne rotorcrafts worth 50,000 dollars to buy.

The Rotorway International is not the only helicopter kits company to offer a good helicopter at a competitive price. Marianna Florida Safari Helicopter manufacturer's Safari 400 Kits, also features a ready-to-fly model - made from your own set, for $168,000 outside the front doors. Previously known as Canadian Home Rotors, the safari was marketed as "Baby Bell" because of its resemblance to the Bell 47.

In 1999 the name was renamed Safari after Bell announced that it would take steps. Following a brief quest, I found two safari choppers for purchase at Barnstormers.com for $138,000 and $86,995, respectively. But the more costly safari was constructed in 2013, while the one with a price of $86,995 in 2000.

They were both promoted as up-to-date and flightworthy. You can buy many other types of helicopter equipment, such as mosquitoes, most of which are single-seater helidecks. You can find used mosquito helidopters in the $30,000 area. Eventually you should consider whether a gyrocopter or AutoGyro is the better way to keep your cost under wraps.

The Gyrocopter looks similar to a helicopter, but it is a rotary airplane, so it has a primary airfoil, but it does not float like a helicopter. Thus many of the costly - movable helicopter parts are not needed. For this reason, the costs for a gyrocopter are significantly lower than for a helicopter.

While some would say that autogyro is more secure than helicopter, they are not as complicated, which is very much the case, but then do not have the capability to raise like a helicopter upright. A gyrocopter's primary rotors are in a steady state of self-rotation, propelled by the winds, while the airplane is propelled through the atmosphere by a prop.

Barnstormers.com found the RAF 2000 shown here for $26,500 - much less than almost any helicopter. Now you should have a good notion why choppers are so much more costly than planes. Hubschrauber are a great flying pleasure and a precious instrument that meets a very special need.

However, they are by no means the least expensive way to get from point A to point B. I trust you liked this page about how much a helicopter costs.

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