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The rail ticket booking service is offered in conjunction with Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd. Book online movie tickets for Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu and other local movies in your area. Passengers can book their tickets via the mobile app.

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Everything ready for the voyage, still concerned about the booking of the trains? Booking a flight is one of the most important elements in every travel or vacation plan. Never mind the long lines you had to wait in to receive IRCTC trains bookings. Our plattform allows you to make seamless bookings and eliminate personal problems via your e-tickets.

Book your tickets for every goal in the most convenient way. Passengers can easily find appropriate rail services, fare for different class levels, timetables, seating availabilities and possibly on-line reservations. Allows you to view detailed information such as departures and arrivals times of the service between two specific locations, etc.

What is the best way to buy your rail ticket on-line? In addition, you will get an immediate automatic email & notification updates of your ticket and your purchase to your phone number or email ID. Booking your ticket on-line without having to deal with hustle and bustle at the ticket desk. You have the possibility to make your reservation at any time and anywhere via our website.

When you need help booking your rail ticket on-line, our 24-hour support staff are available to help you. Booking e-tickets on-line is certainly the ultimative option for travellers as it will save the traveller a lot of effort, cost and effort.

Common ly Asked Question

Almost all our services can be purchased as on-line ticket. If so, decide: Store the ticket as an On-line Ticket (PDF) on your portable computer, download it to the DB Navigator application or take it with you on your trip. What do I do to get my ticket after booking?

Your ticket will appear on your computer monitor once the booking has been made. To open the ticket you need Adobe Reader on your computer. It is also possible to have the ticket downloaded to your computer: the downloading icon is on the booking acknowledgement page at the end of the booking procedure.

Immediately store your ticket and present it to the Ticket Inspector on your notebook, tray or smart-phone. We will also send you a verification e-mail with your PDF ticket. All our eTickets have visible safety characteristics that allow them to be checked without a scan. Therefore, please make sure that you do not suppress your ticket's image when printing or displaying it on your portable devices.

Which is a digitized ticket? Digitale Ticket are ticket that you can buy on-line and use for your own use. After booking, you will get the ticket as a PDF document and via e-mail. The next stage is to store the ticket as an On-line Ticket (PDF) on your portable computer or download it as a Cellular Ticket into the DB Navigator application.

There is no longer any need to printout the ticket. Should there be no on-line ticket or cell telephone ticket available on the chosen itinerary, you will be notified at the time of booking. Where do I download a ticket to the DB Navigator application? Do you have purchased an e-ticket and want to use it on your device?

You can then either insert your ticket directly into the application by following the booking acknowledgement or enter your order number. Is it possible to buy an on-line ticket for someone else? In order to reserve an on-line ticket for another individual, check the field "Ticket for another individual" in the booking section "Ticket & Reservation".

At the next booking stage ("Enter your own data "), please fill in the data of the individual for whom you are booking the ticket. Passengers will then be sent the ticket by e-mail. The user can store the ticket as a PDF on a portable computer, download it to the DB Navigator application or download and printout it.

What is my reserved place on the ticket? For information on your reserved seat(s), see the central section of the ticket under "Your Travel and Booking". Where' the ticket order number? The order number can also be found on your PDF or print ticket under the bar code.

When you purchase a ticket from a ticket vending terminal, tour operator or telephone, the 9-digit order number is imprinted in the bottom right corner and highlighted in a different color. What can I do to change an e-ticket? When you have purchased a ticket without registering, use the Add Ticket feature.

To do this, you need the order number of your ticket. What is the procedure for validating on-line ticket on the trains? Once you are on the track, the conductor will scan the QR of the ticket and then check the information on the scanning device with the name on your ID. Driving licenses are not acceptable as a means of identifying for ticket control.

Is it possible to get my ticket by mail? In order to have your ticket sent to you by mail, check the checkbox "Order and get your ticket by mail" in the booking stage "Ticket & Reservation". Shipping costs are EUR 4,90 and the arrival of the ticket usually takes 2-3 workdays. So why are some trips not available as on-line ticketing?

For some international trips, employees of our affiliate railway companies may not be able to check an on-line ticket. Ticket for these trips can be purchased from a DB Travel Center or DB-Agentur. The booking of online-tickets for public transportation network performances or for performances not provided by DB is not possible.

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