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Get your Boston Red Sox tickets now! Your gold ticket to Manila's most important events! Latest tweets from TicketWorld Manila (@TicketWorldInc). Your gold ticket to Manila's most important events! That is the official account of TicketWorld Manila.

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If you are a senior citizen, a PWD, a diplomat, a discount or a place in a handicapped accessible car, please contact our help line at 891999999. Seniors, PWD and diplomat rebates are available in the TicketWorld Outlets upon production of a current ID. Every purchase of tickets is definitive. Reimbursement and replacement of tickets are at the sole discretion of the respective manufacturer of the concerts or events.

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In cooperation with the Japan Foundation, Manila and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts 1SA - Sole Arts Platform -, Fringe Manila presents a great variety of..... nty of individual shows and exhibitions by performers such as Takao Kawaguchi, Mark Valino (under the direction of Valino), Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (DUP Official Page), Skyzx Labastilla, Daniel Darwin, Ea Torrado, Gabbi Campomanes, Gabe Mercado and Herminio Tan, who explore various media of art forms that disentangle the art-making processes, the passions and the persistence of individual beings who spread identity and culture.

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Ticket were bought in April 2017 with an estimated date of 7/11/2017 via FedEx. for a show on 15.7.2017. - E-mail Sandy@ticketworld.com on Thursday 7/13, and their response was that they would be an e-mail on Friday 7/14. Fr. 7/14 Sandy update that teix will be sent by e-mail to Sat 7/15 - in the mornings of an evening outing.

Back then we asked for a n # because this was too close...especially for a 4-ticket packet worth over $2,000! - No reply from Sandy and we never received the electronical ones. Any e-mail enquiries and those from TicketNETWORK.com's TicketNETWORK Client Services Centre were ignored.

Incidentally, TicketWORLDS.com's heinous commercial practices should not be mistaken for those of TicketNETWORK.com - whose support staff have been highly vigilant in their attempts to make ticket deliveries easier.

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