Taxi Charge per Mile

Taxis per mile

Waiting time for annual reduction. Waiting time for annual reduction. This is the minimum fare you would want for taking a taxi in Richmond VA. How much is the tariff per mile? Data in the following diagrams were provided by TaxiWiz.

Multichoice Questions - Selecting an Option to Answer A Question

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When a taxi calculates $8.00 for the first mile and $1.00 for each further four quarters of a mile, how much does the taxi charge for a 4.5 mile drive? Divide the journey into two parts: the first mile and the last 3.5 mile. A first mile is $8, and the last 3.5 mile is $1 per 14 mile, or $4 per mile.

Totals are 8 + 3.5(4) = 8 + 14 = $22, so opt C is right.

Mathematics - algorithm/function for calculating the taxi tariff

Note that there is no individual issue for this issue if only totally_time and totally_distance are specified. I' ll show two entities that lead to the same overall times and distances, but different overall prices. In both cases totally_distance = 1.2 mile and totally_time = 3 minutes, but the tariffs proved to be different.

Assuming the ride lasted 30 min for 10 mph. Specifically, the rated travel duration is 50 min (10 / (1/5)), so a 10m deceleration is applied to the cargo.

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