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Helsinki Cabin

The booking and payment of a taxi ride in Helsinki has recently experienced a revolution. Helsinki Region Taxi Tours - Service and Support Whim website samples relate to daytime cabs. Can I take a cab in the evening and on the weekend? That means that the start tariffs influence the overall cost of the taxis. For more information on taxis please see the following chart.

Taksi Helsinki and Lähitaksi have the same price, and if the July 2018 change, you can find here the price of taxis on their websites:

May I use Whim for any cab in the metropolitan area? Can you order cabs from Lähitaksi and Taksi Helsinki via Whim? How does Whim work in a cab? if you order a cab through Whim, the application shows you the approximate ETA of your cab and you can even track its approximation on a chart? when the cab comes in, all you have to do is get in, greet the cab member and start enjoying the drive.

In case the rider is not yet acquainted with Whim, it may be necessary to specify that accounting information can be found in the cab payment/booking system. I have ordered a cab through Whim. If you need a mini van, that's okay too, just select your favorite cab from the order list!* NOTE: You must be there because Whim is a face to face and not transferable!I accidentally ordered a cab.

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