How do I get an Uber Receipt

Where can I get a receipt?

Here's how to do it with one click with a free Gmail add-on. You' ll be glad to know it's easier than it seems. Learn how to retrieve and store your Gmail Uber vouchers.

You may need your vouchers for the refund of a recent travel. No matter what your reasons are, download and save your email as PDF is as simple as one click with Save Email to PDF. Acknowledgements ( especially considering that the fiscal period is around the corner itself ), projects, special talks from which you want to have a PDF back up.

The first possibility is to download your documents as PDF files to your harddisk. First install the enhancement Safe Emails to PDF from the Chrome Web Shop. It can be installed in seconds and is free to anyone using Gmail or a G Suite hosting company e-mail.

As soon as you've added the add-on, use the Gmail browse tool to find your favorite documents, like those from Uber. Google Mail returns a roster of e-mails you've recieved from the carpooling group. Select the checkbox next to each receipt you want to store in a single document in this dropdown menu.

Then click on the "Save to PDF" icon above the results: A drop-down menu with several choices appears. You have the option of how to store these e-mails, which can be in either Portable Document Format (PDF), Excel or . csv formats, in an HTML document or even in a TXT document. If this is the case, select "Save calls as PDF" to store all your documents in one single document.

Immediately your documents are stored on your harddisk: And if you're a supervisor, you can also buy a premium price plan so that your whole staff has simple acces to save their email as a PDF. Consolidate invoicing, quantity rebates, payment by bill and order, accessing collaborative work.

The setup process only lasts a few seconds and is just another way we can make Gmail better for everyone, 1 click at a time. Gmail is a great tool for everyone.

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