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J.A. Air Charter Airline Name; Active status. J.

A. Air Charter offers business air charter services with aircraft at Aurora Municipal Airport.

Employer Critiques pour JA Air Center

Extreme uniqueness and pleasant working environment as it is located at an aerodrome. This is a family-owned business, which gives its members the higher level of services when it comes to employment and remuneration. It'?s more like a family-run business and you ain?t no number. Payment is below average and there is no timetable.

The mix of flying teachers and airline pilot is a way of doing things, and this philosphy that no solitary can master. Paid what the industrial standards are and improve performance. Do you have two crew members per plane to take holidays and free times into consideration?

Don't do business with JA Air Charter.

In June 29, 2012 we entered into a charter agreement with JA Air Charter (Sugar Grove, IL). According to the agreement, a lightweight aircraft would fly from Chicago, IL to East Hampton, NY, leaving on August 17, 2012 and leaving on August 20, 2012. Our agreement contained our payment method, which would be used as a down payment for the tour.

They sent us a route on August 10, 2012 containing passenger name, departures, FBO information and pilots' name. Back then we were informed that everything was okay and that the journey had gone as planned. And on the afternoons of August 15, 2012 (36 hrs before departure) they phoned us and said that they could not start our journey "because now we have another journey that we will make instead".

One and a half days before the flight we were without an airplane, without any other possibilities than to defend ourselves. All we were pleased about was that we gave them our debit cards to save the plane, but they asked for an advance payment. Don't do JA Air Charter deals and don't make money transfers.

Even if you have a duly autographed agreement, that doesn't mean anything!

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