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The services are public charter flights operated according to a published timetable and sold to the public. Head of the Corporate Shuttle An unparalleled dedication to consumer experience is the key difference. Anticipate the ultimate difference! Our professionals and crew do everything in their power to provide a seamless and dependable experience on every single aircraft, from the initial point of call to the follow-up of the aircraft. All our captains, first officers and first attendants are trained to the latest standards of aviation security.

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Ultimate Air Shuttle sold to OneJet completed; Burke Lakefront extension shelved

In addition, the annulment of the sales to OneJet of Ultimate Jetcharters, located in the North Canton, will at least provisionally negate a scheduled extension by the two airlines, which both service passengers in mid-sized towns in the Middle West and East. Ultimate Air's CEO Rick Pawlak said he could not argue about the reason why the deal was cancelled.

"We' re not going to slow down," said Pavlak. Established in 2015 and based in Massachusetts, OneJet has recently gone through a difficult period - recently under attack from Pittsburgh International to cut route for which the airline was paying. Allegheny County Airports Authority, which runs Pittsburgh International Airports, filed a lawsuit against OneJetto this past month and reimbursed $763,000 it spent on the airline to offer services to 10 stores for five years.

Airline also obtained $2 million in loan from Allegheny County and the State of Pennsylvania. Currently, OneJet flies only three itineraries - two from Pittsburgh to Hartford and Indianapolis and one between Buffalo and Albany. In June, OneJet was still operating from Pittsburgh to Albany, Kansas City, Louisville, Milwaukee and West Palm Beach.

It was not possible to reach a speaker from OneJet. Pawlak and OneJet CEO Matt Maguire praised the advantages of joining forces when Ultimate was sold in May. From OneJet, it was anticipated that it would make the necessary funds available to speed up the new company's growth plan; Ultimate was now generally regarded as a strong story in the aerospace industry.

Currently, OneJet uses two Ultimate aircraft on a provisional base, said Pawlak. The Ultimate Jetcharters has 10 aircraft, each with 30 seating places. Whereas Ultimate Jetcharters provides charter services, Ultimate Air acts as a regular charter carrier. It' the only commercially viable operation from Burke Lakefront.

Pavlak said that the airline is looking for ways to finance its growth in the near-term. "Pawlak said there are no non-stop flights."

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