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The private aviation is the part of civilian aviation that does not cover aircraft rentals. Private air travel is always General Aviation in most jurisdictions, but the opposite is not the case: many General Aviation air travel (e.g. flag hauling, charters, crop dusts and others) is commercially available as the flight operator is employed and remunerated.

A lot of private flyers are flying for their own pleasure or to enjoy and enjoy the pleasure and comfort of General Aviation with relatives and acquaintances. For private flights, the private pilot is not remunerated, and all operational costs are usually borne by the private pilots. For example, in some jurisdictions, such as the United States, the cost of running a plane can be shared as an option with all airline users up to a prorated amount[1] For example, if the cost of running a plane was $120 for a pilot-operated trip with three airline users, each of the three airline users could not afford to spend more than $30 (a quarter) of the cost with the rest of the cost borne by the airline user.

Private aviation is subject to less stringent norms than business aviation in many states. In Canada and the United States, for example, operators may carry out essential servicing work (such as changing oils or tyres) on their own aeroplane, but only certified technicians may carry out such work on aeroplanes used for business operations. 2. Private pilot testing does not normally require private individuals to prove the same performance levels and to undergo less stringent health checks than professional testing done by professional pilot paying for the operation of an aeroplane.

Most of the current drivers have a private licence. For example, if a commercial air traffic controller is flying a commercial airplane to see a friendly or to participate in a commercial meet-up, most jurisdictions would consider this to be a private one.

On the other hand, a private individual could legitimately operate a multi-engine composite aeroplane that carries a large number of passenger for non-commercial use ( no allowance to the individual and a proportion ate or greater share of the cost of operation of the aeroplane borne by the individual).

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