How to Book Maxi Cab

To book a Maxi cabin

Maxi Cabs available at Changi - Singapore Forum Although it implicates that there is an availablility of maxi cabins, it does not imply that you can welcome one easily upon your arrive. 2A & 2C travel with at least 3 bags, hand luggage and a baby carriage (+/- one Portacot), so an average taxi is not enough, nor are we comfortably divided into 2 cabins. In order to get a maximum taxi, you must contact the Ground Transport Desk, a 24-hour meter that is responsible for handling all passengers' transport enquiries and inquiries. Transportations available at the Ground Transport Desk include: Hi Kosizi, the ground traffic desk is situated after customs in the public area of the arrivals hall.

And as Schonefeld has said, contact the Ground Transport Desk to cover your transport needs. They can either join the normal cab stand and await a bigger cab to stop (they should also all get into a Chrysler limousine taxicab, which is also often in the waiting line for the cab stand).

You can also book a maxi cabin at the traffic counter (costs more than 2 cabs and the delay is usually longer than the normal cab stand). This way I can risk a maxi showing up, or just book and hold. Maxi would be less expensive if it was in the normal line?

Yes, the same fare as a normal cab if it is hacked and stands by the metre instead of being pre-booked for a flat rate. You can also find bigger taxis like the Toyota Wish, which can carry your baggage easy, which you will find in the main line. Whether or not they're in the line sometimes hinges on your happiness.

Crysler's flags are higher than the others. kizi, yeah... it's a question of happiness to get a maxi cab from the main cab line. As already stated, even two standard cabins can be less expensive than >....

What's so wrong with driving two taxis?

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