Yellow Cab Fair

Gelbe Kabinenmesse (Yellow Cabin Fair)

Taxi fares from Manhattan to JFK - New York City Forum It' a yellow taxi (limousine city car) and when we got into the taxi, the chauffeur said that the destiny is $45 and it will all be $65. Is it a regular yellow cab with a metre? Was there a small TV in the background and a badge scanner?

You sure it was a real yellow cab? A New York cab price between Manhattan and JFK is set by the NYC Taxis and Limousine Commission. It' clearly signposted in the cab. This ticket is $45. 00, plus all toll fees; a tip is not compulsory, but usual, and it is usually about 15% of the ticket price before the addition.

So you would be paying $45, plus all toll fees, plus a bit between $6. 75 and $8. The totals that includes bit should then be about $60, not $65, and certainly not $67. However, what puzzles me is your referencing a "sedan towncar". They may not tolerate road greetings, and the ticket price is calculated on the basis of what you arrange before you start your journey.

As a rule, these cars are not yellow but rather dark. Do not know what kind of car you got into, but it doesn't seem to have been a registered New York cab. I' m sorry for the mess with the cabs. It' a yellow cab stopped on the road by staff at the hotels.

On the basis of the collected answers, the 65 dollars he was quoting us when we got into the cab should already be including the tip! Yeah, it's a yellow cab with a little TV and wireless swipe. Since you were 2 tickets in 1 cab, then there are other regulations that are applicable, you were not a unique ticket price that led to a unique goal.

How much does the lump sum cost? How much for the toll? I' m said the installment is a $57 lump sum at the front desk.

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