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classify and welcome taxi tariffs and fees for taxis

Tariffs for a taxi taken from a taxi stand or called from the road are set by the state. NSW Tariff Transport defines the maximal tariff elements like flags, range of way charges, peaks and waits. That means that taxi operators and driver are not permitted to bill anyone who takes a taxi from a taxi stand or calls a taxi from the road more than the highest price unless you are driving outside the taxi operator's area of operations.

Taxidermists must determine the tariffs for rankings and hails offered in the taxi cabs that make up their group. Such tariffs may not be higher than the price ceiling indicated in the tariff order. Information about the tariffs of a taxi company is shown in the car for your information.

If you cannot find the advertisement in the taxi, you can ask the taxi attendant to show you. Taxidermists are also obliged to keep information about tariffs and fees on their website (if they have one). If desired, the chauffeur can invoice you less than the max. fare.

As soon as the ranking and hailstage journey has begun, a visual fare calculator (e.g. one meter) must be switched on and run during the journey. The taxi tariffs for Rang and Hagel are handled differently than the tariffs book. The reason for this is that unlike when you book a taxi ticket, you don't have the luxuries of checking tariffs and looking around to see tariffs when you call a taxi on the road or catch one from a taxi stand.

Therefore, the NSW government considers that the regulatory of taxi tariffs is an important means of protecting consumers from inflated tariffs. The tariffs for clients of the taxi transport promotion programme continue to be governed. Tariff calculating equipment must be used and the fee must not be higher than the adjusted price limit established by Transport for NSW for both reserved and ranks and hail taxi rides.

Keep in mind that only cabs have the necessary security features to be taken off the road or intercepted by a taxi stand, and you cannot pay more than the prescribed top price for a stand and rail taxi stand.

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