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ATS is an automated passenger transportation system at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. When connecting to Hong Kong International Airport, please follow the steps below. A few practical guidelines for transportation, including where to go after landing at Abu Dhabi International Airport and what to do. Information and details about the transit experience at the airport. Find out about the wide range of retail outlets and duty-free shops at the airport.

Transport between terminals (ATS & TTB)

Pay attention to this symbol when trying to find the traffic system. Terminal 1 to car park No. 1 from start to finish - the entire journey takes only nine mins. There is unrestricted access to all points on the ATS Routing Plan for people with reduced mobility, with lifts available at each stop.

Free, easily reachable shuttles take Economy Car Park Lots guests arriving at the Economy Car Park Lots G and G to the ATS stop. At each ATS stop there are accompanying persons in uniforms to guide you in the right directions. Ask them where they can find your gateway number, a particular car park or your whereabouts.

Please click here to see the ATS routes and bus stop. Terminal 5 is not linked to the national terminal and is accessed via the Airport Transit System (ATS). There are two ways of arriving on a home trip and connecting to an overseas flight: 1 ) You can take the ATS and go through the Terminal 5 or 2 safety check point. ) You can take a Terminal Transfer Bus (TTB) from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 and avoid the Terminal 5 safety check point.

Terminal Transfer Bus is available all year round with the following operating times: When you arrive at home terminal and have to pick up your baggage (leaving the airport secure side) and check it again in T5, you cannot use this one.

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Throughout the system, use is made of platformscreen door, i.e. all units are surrounded by doorways along the entry area. Arriving at a railway terminus, the door of the locomotive and of the terminus are aligned and open synchronously. Air conditioning is also guaranteed as the four terminals are directly linked to the airport.

Two or three carriages[5] operate the locomotives, according to the anticipated load, and each carriage holds 57 people, most of them upright and with 8 seats. There are two rails in the system, and each platoon will stop at all five locations that travel in both direction. The western end is at the western end of Centre 1, near Centre 1, and forms a counter-clockwise curve around the multi-storey building, with bus stop at Terminals 2 and 3.

Car park A (the central car park) is reachable from each of the three termini, as is the O'Hare stop on CTA's Blue Line. Car parks No. 1 and No. C are only reachable from Terminals 1 and 3. ATS uses the VAL and VAL technologies in France, which include fully automatic, rubber-tyred passenger coaches.

7 ] The airport initially received 13,256 carriages to be used in the system, and two more carriages were later bought by Jacksonville, Florida's JTA Skyway, after the Jacksonville Transportation Authority determined to move to a more cost-effective tech. Of the 15 vehicles in the system, only 12 are used, of which three are kept in reserves.

Currently, the ATS is one of two worldwide transit system to use the 256 rolling stock, and the other is the Wenhu line of Taipei Metro. 7 ] The order to substitute the existing fleet with 36 Innovia APM 256 units has been placed with Bombardier. 2. ATS expansion will end with a new integral multimodal transit centre, a device that will totally change the way O'Hare is accessed from the floor.

Hire clients travel to the new transit/rental centre, as do clients who want shuttles to hotel or car parks outside the airport; travellers who access long-term car parks also use the ATS. The entire shuttles to the kiosks will end with the opening of the Transit Centre, which will eliminate 1.3 million journeys per year to the centre of the city.

To be completed by the end of 2018, the centre is a five-storey, 230,000 square metre building with 4,200 rented vehicle places and office space for all on-airport companies as well as 2,676 extra official multi-storey parkings. 11 ] The centre will also link the ATS with the Metra railway terminal; a shuttleshuttle is currently required to carry passenger between the ATS and the Metra.

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