Private Hire Driving test

Driving test private rental

Applicants must take a driving test at the Birmingham City Council Driving School. Driving test private rental Any new applicant for a private hire driving licence must present a certificate of completion of the private hire driving test. This test is performed at: MOT Depot du Conseil municipal de Walsall, Clean and Green Services, 200 Pelsall Road, Walsall, WS8 7EN. It is recommended that candidates should not submit their application for the practice driving test until the advice has obtained approval for their Disclosure & Barring (DBS) certificate, medical examination report and DVLA mandate.

Please call Walsall Council's MOT Depot, Clean and Green Services on 01922 654254 for more information on how to book a test. If you are taking the practice driving test, please make sure you have your DPLA card with you.

Rental Private Driving License - Woking Borough Council

Buy your private rental driver's licence package. The Woking Borough Council has established an obligation for all licenced riders to obtain the BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to the Role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Drivers. It is a binding obligation for all taxi riders and private hirers in Woking and will come into force on 1 April 2018.

Which is a private rental driver's license? With a private rental driving license, a specific individual can run a private rental car within the municipality of Woking. It'?s a crime to act without a license. Every chauffeur must: not work as a Hackney car and show the words "taxi" or "taxi" or "for hire" or give the appearance that the car is a registered Hackney car.

What is my qualification for a private rental driving license? Where can I get a private driver's license? First, you need a taxi and private drivers application package. They can be obtained via our on-line forms and payments system. After completion, we can mail you the application package.

Driver£10 Driver Edition includes all the information and form you need to get your Driver started. After you have recieved your package, you will find the following form which you have to fill in: This form must be filled out completely and sent back with your CRB/DBS filled in (see below).

Two passport photos should be attached to your completed passport photo submissions. Your request allows you to provide full particulars of all sentences. This is the longest part of the process and often lasts at least 6 8 months before it is handled by the DBS.

Fill in the application forms, fill in the DVLA mandated forms, fill in the DBS(CRB) forms, your current passport, your driving licence, proof of your national insurance number (i.e. your NI card or salary slip with your details) and the application fee of £110 (if you are using a check, otherwise you can pay via the on-line payments service).

Testing of driving standards (practical test). Reservations for this test are made through the Blue Lamp Trust and it is an evaluation of your driving abilities specifically designed for Hackney Carriage or Private Hire riders. Please click here for more information about the practical test. Remember, a filled out health care application is considered effective six month after it is filled out.

Test of local skills. To become either a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Drive, the test includes a two-part Hackney Carriage Drive and Private Hire Drive tests, followed by a multiple-choice Driving Test. This is not a final listing, but a sample of places in the Woking area that may appear in your test.

As soon as these issues are resolved and your DBS has been surrendered, you are prepared to make an appointment with an employee to finalize the procedure. Expenses for the first test are covered by your registration fee, but any additional repetitions of tests you need will be billed at £15 per test.

You can pay for these additional quizzes using our on-line quizzes. Also, please be aware that charges can be paid via our on-line billing facility. For how long do I have to await my driver's license? Because of the various examinations and trials that have to be held before the exhibition, the procedure can take up to two month.

Depending on the severity and pertinence of the condemnation, the request is either examined and dealt with by delegation or, in certain cases, submitted to the Licensing Committee. If my license request is rejected, what can I do? Are there any commitments regarding the granting of my license?

As a licensee, you must: Paid the extension license royalty through our on-line payments services. Do not drive as a Hackney car and indicate the words "taxi" or "taxi" or "for hire" or give the appearance that it is a licenced Hackney car. More information on some of the fundamental duties a rider must fulfil can be found on our rider duties page.

If my license is missing or misplaced, what do I do? What do I do to extend my private driving license? After expiration of a license it cannot be extended any more. Prolongation requests submitted after the expiration date will be treated as new requests - and you will be obliged to resubmit all necessary documents.

After expiry of the private rental driving license, you may not use your car for private rental work until the new driving license is in your possession as well as the insignia is worn on you in accordance with the license terms. Prolongation is the same for the first filing.

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