How to Forge a Receipt

Faking a receipt

Walmart's cops say Valley wife is printing counterfeit receipt to get it from Walmart. One of the women from the valleys is imprisoned because she has pulled out Walmart shops in at least three districts of the valleys. Their fraud, detectives say, was pressure on their own counterfeit receipt. Sidhu, 45, is in Tulare County Prison and faces several prosecutions, among them robbery and break-in. On arresting them, Vizalia PD says they found $8,000 in stolen goods from Walmart shops in Fresno, King's and Tulare County.

Agents say that Sidhu was printing her own receipt, then went to several large crate shops, packing her car and going straight out of the shop without pay. It was Sidhu who was printing her own receipt garnered from previous shopping, the Visalia riot control said. "You would then go into the shop and choose the item that either exactly or tightly matches the articles in that pre-printed scam receipt," said Visalia Policy Sgt Ozzie Dominguez.

"Then they left the shop, were approached by the damage control officer at the front and showed the receipt and went out." So Dominguez says that Sidhu didn't work alone. Last Thursday she was detained at her house in Central Fresno. "As we carried out the raid on her house, we found computer, printers and consumables used and willing to produce extra false receipts," he said.

According to law enforcement, there is no evidence of how much was stole when Sidhu's fraud was nullified. You credit an alarm losses preventive staff member with having recognized the forged documents. Their tip, the policemen say, was that their forged receipt contained an article that was quoted at a vacation sales rate a few month ago.

Agents tell Action News, in addtion to the goods stole from these shops, that they also found Meth in their Central Fresno house. On Monday Sidhu was charged with the indictment and is detained with a $50,000 loan.

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