Best Private Jet to buy

The best private jet to buy

What makes PJS one of the best providers of private jet charter? AEBACE 2017 news: the best new private aircraft At this world -famous occasion, the largest and best new private planes will be presented to the fortunate few who can buy and operate private planes. We will be participating at EBACE this year with Executive Jet Management Europe and NetJets and have compiled a sample of the most notable private jet and EBACE newsletter we look forward to seeing at this year's show.

That $1.9 million Cirrus single-engine, very lightweight jet is the least expensive jet available for cash, and that's not a bad thing. Vision Jet can transport six people and a full cargo of petrol up to 600 sea-mile at 260 knots from London to Switzerland.

This year, you' re expected to see much more of it at private jet terminal in and around London. Developed since the 1980s, when Honda engineers Michimasa Fujino scribbled a drawing of a private jet for the first time, inspiring it with a Ferragamotiletto, the HondaJet is the perfectionist's private jet. It is now available in the UK for $4.9 million and will be exhibited at EBACE 2017.

Textron's latest private jet, the 12-person Cessna Citation Citation Longitude, will be launched in Europe this week-end in Switzerland. It is the latest in the mid-range class segment and incorporates new amenities such as the flat-bottom cab, which we have already seen in the smaller Latitude and its larger Hepisphere series.

This is a notable amount of planes for your cash at a cost of $24 million. It sets the pace for innovations in the cabin of medium-sized private jetliners and will be on display on the ramp at EBACE 2017. Following the first recent Gulfstream G500 test planes in Europe, the Gulfstream G500 will be presented for the first time at EBACE 2017.

The Best Private Jet Charter Companies - Private Jet Services

Seems like private jet companies are a zillion cents these days. Really? A lot of people say they are proud to be the "best" or have the "highest level of consumer satisfaction", but what makes a private chartership really great? How to offer your customers what kind of service? The Private Jet Service has maintained a repetition rates of over 90%.

It is our belief that this customer retention is the best indication of PJS' specialisation, power and dependability. What makes you one of the best private jet charters in the world? Drawing on more than a decade of private jet expertise, Private Jet Services has the breadth of knowledge and expertise to find the right jet for your unique travelling needs.

Our customers come from many different sectors, such as business trips, sport teams charters, executives, groups, company shuttle services and private holidays. In your interest we take care of all facets of your journey from take-off to landing. We believe that our clients' journey is rewarding and therefore our company is one of a kind in the private jet market.

Our aim is to reach this target by managing as many as possible items such as floor transport, food, on-board entertainments and even the flower you don't have enough for. Just let us know and we can find pet-friendly airplanes for your journey. With your pets you will be travelling with them like everyone else and getting all the luxury comforts associated with a private jet rental.

PJS's amazing in-flight dining service allows you to enjoy your favourite food during the air. In order to protect our customers, we conduct our own backgrounds check of both the pilots and the co-pilots on every aircraft we charters. Extensive action is taken to make sure that the pilots and copilots have the necessary expertise and competence to make your flights as smoothly as possible, with extensive flying expertise and impeccable security record keeping.

With our industry-exclusive Concierge Service you will never be confronted with an unforeseen problem alone. Our concierge will take care of all your needs and make sure that everything you need is available for you. When traveling in large groups, they take you on the airplane to consider all your needs during the journey and serve you as a valuable asset.

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