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Air Charters Alaska

Tailor-made Air Taxi Fly Out Services and air travel in Southcentral Alaska. Its fleet includes surplus military aircraft carrying food for the refugees. Air Transit Alaska - Air Charters - Flight Charter

Air Transit Alaska is a customer-oriented business located in Merrill Field, central Anchorage. With our agile format and versatility, we can offer you a friendly, dependable and tailored to your needs and requirements. Security programmes. Aircraft are young, neat, well fitted and well serviced. and can handle bulky goods.

Gladly we are responsive to your needs in air traffic, also to specific demands. If you have general queries, call 907-276-5422, or toll-free 1-877-735-9228 or e-mail. To request a charters offer call or send a short explanation of what you would like to do.

Air Charter Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska.

It is piloted by Scott Amy, an Anchorage inhabitant who has been operating all kinds of airplanes in Alaska for 15 years. Having been in Alaska for over a thousand years, Scott is a skilled professional and has a sharp sense of the beautiful views and unique images you can take home to remember your journey to the state of 49!

Scott's vibrant amber Cessna 185 is amphibiously floated in summer, so he can take off and land either on sea or ashore! Departures from Lago Hood, Girdwood or other airport and lakeland destinations around Southcentral Alaska are by arrangement only. No matter if you want to get in and out of your cabins on a sea, in a private cab or in a hidden place for a few nights, we are there for you.

Both of us spent most of our life in Alaska and flew a great deal, but we hadn't seen what the Chugach hills in the background of Anchorage really had to offer until Scott took us in. After landing on a glass covered mountain pond, we ate something on a wonderful, sunny bank before setting off to see more.

"He' s a pro operating in some savage places. Scott's expertise and experiences were at hand when I was preparing a journey with my spouse across the country to commemorate our 10th year. As bad conditions retarded our extracting, Scott went beyond his piloting roles by talking to the familiy and assisting in organizing alternative routes.

He is passionate about aviation, which contributes to the unbelievable experiences of travelling in a small aircraft in the magnificent wild of Alaska. "Scott has participated in nearly three week of collection for a research trial in Alaska. Make your reservation for your Willife Life Watching journey today! SKIDDANCE can put you in touch with companies that hire blow-up paddle boards and standup paddle boards (SUPs) that we can take with us on your journey to many unbelievable places not far from Anchorage.

Sky dance will be working with alaskakite adventures. com will be kiting near Anchorage this winter for the best winds. Gliding around and seeing really awesome things is so loved in Alaska that we have spoken a new word: soon after take-off you will start taking off over the spectacular scenery of Alaska.

That' s how you can really see Alaska! With all your equipment we can take you to your favourite places and return safe and in good order to spice up your catches and enjoy them on the barbecue!

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