Emergency Taxi

taxi in case of emergencies

The new ASUA program offers a free emergency taxi service. Please contact us via our form or e-mail or call us and request our emergency taxi service. If the Ride Rescuer is nearby, everyone will feel secure.

If the Ride Rescuer is nearby, everyone will feel secure. Being the first to join the Emergency Ride Home programme, Ride Rescuer is always prepared with a quick fix for carpool emergency situations. The emergency home driving programme provides a security net. Among the most frequently quoted misgivings of people commuting to work that they are not going to be taken, although they would like to, is that in the case of sickness, accidents or emergency they cannot find their way home from work.

Emergency Home for Riders (ERH) offers authorized, registered commuteers who travel to work in a pool car, van pool, bicycle or coach at least three nights a week with a return journey or to your car if an emergency arises during work. Registration for the programme is free!

Programme use is limited to four (4) per year as long as funds are available. Do you need an emergency drive home now? In order to be able to use the ERH programme, you must: Information is checked when you register for the ECA programme. They must have gone to work with the carpet, vanpool, bicycle or coach on the date they wish to use the services.

What does the programme do? As soon as you have signed up for the ERH programme and recieved your confirmatory mail, you can use the services. ERH is not available for week-end operation. They must have been carpet-operated, pooled, cyclised or taken to work by coach on the date you wish to use the programme.

Don't hesitate to ask for a return journey to sign up, as you may not be entitled immediately. Cancelling an ECA travel after the taxi has been shipped or not showing up for your journey counts as one of the four year journeys.

It is your sole responsibility to tip the taxi drivers. A taxi or rent a vehicle will collect you from work. Fill out the questionnaire after your journey. When your ECA travel necessitates that you use the Amtrak Services or another third-party supplier, you must fill out the Emergency Refund Application Forms.

Send the completed stationery and your Amtrak or other Amtrak proof of delivery receipt: What do I do after work? When using the services after work, the following rules must be observed. To organise your trip, call Napoleon Taxi at (804) 354-8294. If you do not notify the use, you are entirely liable for the payment to the ISP.

Which information is necessary to apply for an emergency trip? YOU CAN USE THE EMERGENCY PROGRAMME FOR THE JOURNEY HOME: Falsification of information about the reasons for the use of the emergency programme, the shuttle function carried out on the date of use of the programme or any other misuse of the programme shall lead to refund of the fees due for the journey and to limitation of the use of the programme for one year.

DO NOT USE THE EMERGENCY HOME PROGRAM: Travelling to work, arranging your own meals, doctor's or dentist's visits arranged in advance, travelling on work, temporary stays or excursions, city and state closings, planning extra hours, planning dates, company-wide emergency or facility closings and/or evacuations, bad weather, the like, the like, 911 emergency situations, end of working relationship or dismissals, breakdown of vehicles (unless it is the carpooling car on the date of the emergency), work-related and/or physical injuries, rescue services, transport system and/or supplier contracts or breakdowns.

It is possible that you could loose your ability to gain control of the software if it is used in an unauthorised or improper manner. CAN I USE THE EMERGENCY TOOL OFTEN AND HOW MUCH DOES IT CHARGE? Up to four (4) uses per year can be made of the ECA programme. Cancelling an ECA travel after the taxi has been shipped or not showing up for your journey counts as one of the four year journeys.

Registration for the programme is free of charge. Emergency Ride Home programs start every year on January 1 and end on December 31. Neapoleon Taxi is the only taxi operator for the ERH programme. When you leave the Richmond area with your journey, you have the possibility to rent a car or just use the taxi services.

Your landlord will then call you to set up the pick-up so that you can take care of the necessary formalities. Send the completed application and your hire voucher to: WHICH ARE THE CONDITIONS FOR THE RECEPTION OF A RENT A VEHICLE? Only you are liable for the use of the motorcycle. They must satisfy certain basic conditions for the hire firm, such as a recent driving licence and a recent financial statement for a stay.

The Virginia State Act stipulates that you take out third party personal accident coverage for your motorhome. You' re in charge of the throttle in the van. DO YOU THINK: COULD I LEAVE THE RENTED VAN AT A PARKING PLACE NEAR THE RENT A CAR? OF COURSE. Follow the guidelines of the rent a car service.

Entrants found to be misusing the Programme will not be refunded and will be liable for all expenses they incur.

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