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Take a look at Jeff Holden's full profile. Jeff Holden, CEO, will be leaving the company no later than the end of his term of office. On the third Sunday of the Web Summit in the Altice Arena on November 8, 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, Jeff Holden CPO, Uber, will talk about "Uber fliegende Autos". About Technologies Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden is getting out of the rides, a Uber spokesperson said on Thursday Reuters, the latest of more than a dozen executive officers to leave since last year.

The spokesperson said Holden supervised Uber Elevate's operations of the company's airliner, which is now led by Eric Allison, but refused to explain the reasons for his leaving. The new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has shaken the business since the acquisition last August with the aim of improving Uber's record of a series of corporate grievances.

Over, along with Lyft, scraped compulsory arbitration to agree upon sexually harassing or attacking entitlements early this week and gave several ways for victims to track their entitlements along with open court actions. Ueber also started a new application for his riders last months to enhance an often controversial relationships. Ubers CEO L eofficer, Salle Yoo, and the director of foreign relations, Dave Clark, abandoned the firm in September.

Over is also looking for a CFO who can help bring the business to the stock market in 2019.

Uber's Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden leaves the firm

Jeff Holden, Uber Technologies Inc. CEO of Uber Technologies Inc. said he was to leave the organization after a four-year stay that involved developing the company's carpooling services and overseeing its air taxis initiatives. Mr. Holden explained to collegues that his last date is Thursday at the San Francisco Ride-Hailing firm, a spokesperson acknowledged.

About didn't say if Mr. Holden had a new gig.

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