Southwest Aircraft Charter

Charter for Southwestern Aircraft

Thusuthwest Aircraft Charter is a privately held aircraft charter company based in Chandler, Arizona. We offer service in the southwest of the United States and beyond. Contact details and fleet of the aircraft operator for the southwest of the airport. Souhwest Aircraft Charter, Mesa, AZ. Aircraft charter and management excellence.

Aircraft Charter & Management Excellence

Southwest Aircraft Charter can give you the wing to reach practically any goal throughout the Southwest and beyond. More than 25 years of experience in civil aeronautics have earned us a solid position as an outstanding provider of services with an unprecedented security track record. Our customers are our customers. Southwest Aircraft Charter allows you to plan your flight schedules, unlike the big carriers that demand that you adhere to their schedules.

Thusuthwest Aircraft Charter gives you the agility and ability to use your free air travel hours as efficiently as possible. There is a wide variety of aircraft to suit your needs. Having more than 5,000 airport choices to our disposal, we bring you nearer to your goal without the expense of congested airport traffic.

Southwest Aircraft Charter is there for you. We' re your wing.

Charter for Southwestern Aircraft

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Thusuthwest Aviation Specialties, LLC (SWAS) has provided a wide range of aerospace related activities such as aircraft charter, aircraft sale, aircraft administration and broking, aircraft servicing and parts with a full-service aerospace plumbing and repairs facility. The SWAS was established with the aim of providing aircraft servicing and support from lightweight twin-engine to multi-engine turbopropeller aircraft.

In the early 1990s, the company's growth began with the introduction of electronics installations and services, an FAA Part 135 charter certification and an FAA Part 145 maintenance facility. Currently we are working with aeromech andarinc to research and develop Reduced Vertical Minimum Separation (RVSM) for Hawker 700 and Lear 30/40 aircraft.

Customers trust SWAS to deliver and deploy solution for many aircraft-related project requirements. The SWAS has an FAA Part 135 Charter Certificate with management of flights internationally. All of our pilot aircraft supporting charter/flight operation are FAA certificated and receive six-monthly training from passenger to any national or overseas destinations.

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