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At Intercity Private Hire we have long recognised the excellent support of Caudwell Children. You have a blog and checked out Intercity Private Hire? The Intercity Private Hire collects donations for Caudwell Children.

At Intercity Private Hire we have long recognized the outstanding assistance of Caudwell Children. We and the fundraiser are both proud to be "born and raised" in Stoke-on-Trent, and all of our over 20 full-time employees and 160 riders have chosen to join their efforts and do something to fund.

On this Friday, December 23, 2016, we will all wear our Christmas sweaters! Hopefully this will really turn out to be a time of goodwill as we call on old and new clients to donate to Caudwell Children via their cellphone.

Help us to collect donations for Caudwell Children on this Christmas. As soon as you have donated, your donation will be sent directly to the benefit organization. It is therefore the most effective way to make a donation - to save valuable working hours and reduce the cost of the fund.

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Intercity private rental: Reserve a cab in less than 10 seconds and enjoy Intercity Private Hire's premium services. Now you can place your reservation directly on our card and see how many vehicles there are without snow. If you wish, you can always reverse your reservation at any point.

Intercity Private Hire is FREE to try and register with and does not cost you anything to register.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It is so simple and fast to use.

With our smart booking system, you'll be able to suggest your preferred pick-up location, you'll be able to make a booking, and when you make a booking, we'll send you a push notification when your vehicle is shipped. Sign in or register an affiliate to publish a rating. Many thanks for your feedback, ! Please be aware that your filing may not appear immediately on our website.

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