Silver top Taxi Melbourne

Top Silver Taxi Melbourne

In Melbourne or Sydney you can book our taxis: Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. Take a Melbourne Silver Top Taxi with style. Latest tweets of Silver Top Taxis (@silvertoptaxis). A taxi company based in Melbourne, Australia.

New Silver Top Taxi in the Melbourne Region, VIC Jobs

Silver Top Taxi Hybrid Toyota Camry available for SET rental rate per Week. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.... It' s a all new Toyota Aurion petrol and petrol engine. I' m looking for a top silver taxi rider who works full-time. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for further information or for the vacancy.

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Top Silver driver's cabs that have been refined by flames.

Fire started in Rupert Street, Collingwood, last night and it took 70 firemen and 23 lorries to get it under surveillance. Built to house the Silver Top Taxi call center and practice facility, the facility also houses a library of old 1850s cabs and taximeters. While Silver Top Taxi is in charge of about a third of all Melbournes taxi rides, the government's Viktorian taxidirection said today it could not assess the effect the fire would have on service.

It is expected that the call center will be rebuilt by this afternoon. What do you think? The Silver Top was supported by a Sydney Premier Cabs taxi office donating call center equipment last night. 13CABS raised the headcount at its call center in Melbourne to meet extra demands. 13CABS CEO Andrew Skelton said booking rose 40 percent yesterdays.

Skelton said he was "deeply sad about the Silver Top family's passing, the proud owner of their taxi inheritance, much of which has been destroyed by the flames. Victorian Taxi Federation guideline manager David Samuel said Silver Top worked really hard to get its call center up and running as quickly as possible.

Hopefully Silver Top should be operational again by this evening, he said. Pending the restoration of the Silver Tops call center, the Viktorian Taxidirection should make reservations under 13CABS under 13 2227 or Platinum taxes under 9090 1800. Persons who need a taxi suitable for wheelchairs can still call 9277 3877.

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