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Charter Lisbon Passenger Jet | Portugal Situated on seven rolling hilltops, this famed town is a hot and colorful capitol and a great place to relax for a few relaxing orgasms. Small paved roads directly reach the top of the hill with a view of this seaside town. Lisboa has a variety of vantage points with views of the Atlantic or the Tagus, each with its own unique allure.

Walk along the hill country lanes and walk up to Rua Dos Rem├ędios, where you can sample delicious regional cuisine in one of the city's many restaurants. And if you're looking for the trendiest places, the top part of the capital, Bairo Alto, has everything Lisbon has to offer when it comes to fashions, arts and cultures.

There is a database of empty aircraft to and from Lisbon that we update every day. Unfortunately, there are currently no empty legs available that meet your needs. Feel free to consult one of our private aviation consultants for alternate solution or to divert empty legs in the same directions.

Charter Paris Privatjet | France

Take a flight in a personal plane today to Paris, the world' leading luxury fashion and hospitality city. No matter if you are looking for romanticism or a journey of culture and art, the many aspects of Paris will inspire you. If you are chartering a personal aircraft to Paris, please do not hesitate to call our expert staff who are available 24 hours a day to organise your personal aircraft here and your transfers from the Paris airports to your destinations.

Roissy Charles de Gaulle is France's biggest economic centre with its four take-off and landing strip. Corporate jets can often arrive here for transfer between corporate and personal use. In order to save money, it is advisable to use Le Bourget for your flight by air as the two aerodromes are only 10 min away from each other.

The Paris Le Bourget International Airports are devoted solely to commercial air travel. Perfectly located 20 min from Paris and 10 min from Charles de Gaulle, it is the best choice for your Paris flight by plane. The Paris International Air Show, an aeronautics event for aeronautics experts and the general public, takes place every two years in June.

In the case of development from the air, it is possible that this aerodrome will remain blocked to commercial air travel for brief periods. However, the development from the air will also be possible in the future. Located 30 min from Paris, Paris-Orly offers very little flight possibilities, but can be used for transfer. This is the Paris subordinate Paris International Airports and an important junction for charter, local, diplomatic and medicine travel.

Montoise International can take you to the northwest of Paris. Even though there are two privately owned air traffic terminal in Ponteise, there are possible limitations on arrival and departure. Located half an hours from Paris, Toussus-le-Noble is perfect for getting to Versailles. Until recently the custom house was shut down so that only EU air travel is possible.

Let the Issy-les-Moulineaux helicport take you quickly to the heart of Paris. Hubschrauber transfer can be organized from various privately owned airfields to this helipad in the west of Paris.

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