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Have a look at our top routes and multi-stop flights online or gather ideas for your own itinerary. Fly around the world for free. Well, that's what a trip around the world is all about. Make flights around the world for your dream trip of the StudentUniverse. Journey to your favourite places with our cheap flights, perfect for any adventure!

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With Aeroplan, we launched in 2013 the most unbelievable rewards journey around the world with the Star Alliance.... All of our points have been redeemed for a journey to Australia, but instead we have made an astonishing circumnavigation of the world, completely carried out by Aeroplan. We had heard about all the holes necessary to "hack" our travel plan and organize a small world tour with Star Alliance members.

Staying in Europe, Asia, North America (and of course Australia), we had 9 air segment flights on Star Alliance flights (and traveled to about 15 different locations) and spent about $300 each on tax and surcharges. Like you can see from our pictures, it was a unique adventure thanks to Aeroplan.

We' re making our Star Alliance rewards points usable. The trajectory makes my guts pass out - and, yes, my mind also hurts a little. Yes, we have redeemed all our Aeroplan points and travelled to Australia. Once again, we're taking full recourse to the full range of Star Alliance timetable options and making a whole series of "free" stopovers.

It is becoming our most unbelievable voyage ever, and like the first one, we sincerely expect you to join us on every stage of the itinerary. It' s about using and tampering with the inherent loopholes in the Star Alliance partners' timetables to our benefit. Just think of the exact opposite of a one-way ticket, a winding, choppy route that is a technical voyage to Australia, but in fact offers the possibility of visiting several towns on the way - provided each extra stay lasts less than 24hrs.

For us, however, it is a vision that comes to life, with infinite possibilities to explore unbelievable towns one by one. For years we have loved the possibilities and challanges of stopovers - here you will find our top hints (also what we do with our luggage). Actually it is our briefest stay of the whole journey - only two ours.

So, after the long ride, we'll be waking up with a splash through the area! Manly, Australia, where we got the baddest flip-flops. Like we said before, award flights like ours allow the passenger to turn two of the brief stays into full, long-stops. We will spend 3 week here and throughout Southern Africa, with Zambia and Botswana included.

This will be Ryan's first trip to Africa and my first trip since 2004, when Ryan and I got betrothed all those years ago, I wanted to spend a honeymoon in Botswana. We are running out of work in Johannesburg. We hope to plan as much as possible - and possibly a trip to one of Ryan's last seeing Ryan's boyfriends when he was 18 in Belgium.

During our 2013 journey we made a particular journey to Liège, Belgium, to follow his progress as a teenager, and it would be great to visit this place again. Although we will undoubtedly be exhausted from our long night flights, Singapore is the ideal place to stop. There is only one thing we want to do differently than our 2013 journey.

Because of some bad plannings (from us and others) our last stay was a little dispersed and we could not discover the town' s renowned gastronomy area. I hope we'll do better this year. Starting from here we eventually reach Perth, Australia, our primary goal. We' re very happy about Perth's many world-class rides (and free rides!) - we already have a page with memos describing different idea and possible schedules.

And although we know that Sydney and Perth are different towns on different coastlines, we hope we can copy some aspect of our Sydney Route 2013. These include a visit to Australia's beautiful Australian shores, a stay at an Australian veterinary clinic, a visit to a gallery and an exploration of the foodscene. Travel's first supper - New York breakfasts.

However, we did not complain - it was a welcome place of peace and quiet in a very bustling journey. We hope this year to get into a specific action (but we won't fight if there is some additional sleeping and some orders for rotten room service). That was my most unpopular stop from our 2013 journey.

Fortunately, we were able to save the tag and a following attendance in 2015 made me fell in lov. Istanbul was a non-negotiable stop this year. We have been daydreaming for some considerable Tuscany visiting times and slobbering about itineraries that emphasize the unbelievable wines, cheeses, olives and much more of the area.

During my last stay I was littered with bedbugs - not perfect for a pleasant journey. In 2016 we enjoyed our stay in Bern and can hardly await to get to know the town, to explore cheeses, candy, culture, museum and more. That' s how we did it, based on the triumph of our last journey.

All you need to know to make your own Star Alliance travel around the world. Mr Ryan spearheaded the indictment, read the entire small paper and the regulations for the reimbursement of airline awards. He also often frequented Flyer Talk, a website that features a fellowship of enthusiastic travellers who are an priceless resource for information and inspirations.

It' s a great feeling to build a bonus plane. World is your owl and there's practically no place you can't go - provided the Star Alliance (of which Aeroplan is a part) flies there. So for example, your whole journey must include 16 or fewer airfares. Back tracking has many restrictions - in most cases you need to get nearer to your primary goal with each flying part.

Fortunately, Ryan had an amazing chart to keep up with all our choices. We found out that there were many theoretic routes that could not be converted into actual flights - let alone into flights with premium member uptime. We had to say good-bye to many fantastic places, because the itinerary did not seem to be outside the plane ticket.

Because we wanted to go back so much - it was a much-loved stopover in 2013 - we even seriously discussed making it one of our two stops. The year 2013, when we were much newer, we essentially imitated a itinerary that someone else had made ( Thanks, Flyer Talk friend!) We were open to everything and everyone!

On this occasion, with more knowing than ever before, we found that we could go almost anywhere. Unbelievably, we could incorporate Africa into our journey - but we also turned our bikes a great deal with theory in mind, with stopovers in Bogota, Madrid, Lome, Accra, Bahrain, Delhi, Amsterdam and (Heartbreak!) Paris.

That means you need to check and verify your data, schedules, kilometres, routings and the real presence of all flights. There was the most stunning aeroplane traveler ( Petra from Montreal - we really like you! ), but I've been told by other travellers that some travelers are a little too busy to book these outings.

Sydney' s Blue Mountains. Yeah, we're really making this whole journey on economics fares. In comparing the different planes with Seat Guru to choose the least annoying ones near the front (so we can get off quickly and savour the stopover!) On a single plane we will pay a little more to choose the ones in the starting series.

It' gonna take us $100, but we think it'll be rewarded on a 10-hour one! On the way there we will fly with many Star Alliance partners: At the Featherdale Wildlife Center in Australia, Ryan finds a new mate. Whilst this journey may sound impressing, Ryan and I are not so enthusiastic about it.

Aeroplan had a promotional offer the first one. When you have been to a certain number of Aeroplan partners during a certain amount of times, you will receive a large number of points. But it seemed improbable - until we found out that the purchase of only $3 of gasoline at a licensed service facility was considered a trade-in.

All of a sudden our $60 buy of gas was 20 "visits" as long as we were buying $3 at a stroke. We took a long while for our cars to be full every weekend, but we made it and together with some other experienced breaks we got our bonuses and crossed the necessary break.

There were no particular actions this year. We' ve all had an Aeroplan Visa for almost 10 years. Aeroplan is still visiting its partners' petrol station - but not always and only at the best price. In the five years since our last journey, however, we have travelled more than ever in our work as travel authors.

The more flights, the more points, especially if we are booking them with our visa. However, it is noteworthy that Air Canada has indicated that it will decouple from Aeroplan by 2020 and start its own new programme. While I' m sure we will have times when we will be sorry not to use all our points for a first classical ride to a unique goal (Hawaii, we have thought long and hard about it), we may never get a shot like this again.

We' ll let every minute of this slightly mad journey be counted and hopefully you will join us with the same excitement as last year. Would you like more information about how we made our 2013 booking? Please click here to see a chronicle of all our 2013 travel related blogs.

With so little baggage, how do we travel? A large part of our journey in 2013 was possible thanks to Tilley Endurables. Designed for fashion-conscious people, this classical Canada business is the ideal travel equipment. Do you plan your own adventurous journey or are you looking for new travel equipment? Important destinations right there, wow!

I' ve always wanted to go on a world tour. Good job you saved up the points for your next journey! I am making a journey to Africa this sommer with a stay in each destination, but I would like to make a much more elaborate route like this. That will definitely encourage me to dive deeper into the research for the next big journey.

We now try to make all our journeys (including "normal" journeys, which are not rewards flights) with a physical stopover or two built-in. We have seen some towns in this way, and although there are clear boundaries, it is noteworthy how much you can see in a while. Really motivates us to make a trade call.

I' ve been asking myself all the while how many nautical miles will it take to go on an adventurous trip around the world! I' m not really using my Aeroplan map because I don't have a debit for it ( I have another map with travel rewards), but maybe it's something to think about in an epic quest like this!

Normally it would only be 80k for Australia, but one of our stops is in Africa, so we have to use the higher class (if we had just halted for a stay of 24hrs or less, we would still be regarded as "Australia"). I' ve never travelled from India before and don't know much about the reward for travel points.

Hopefully you'll have a bonus plane soon! And I know it's not really "free" travel (because you paid for these points one way or another...), but it does feel free and it's fantastic! Wow, that's an amazing way to travel! What do you think about going to so many places for such a brief while?

But well done - what a wonderful journey! Luckily, we're so jeky that we don't consider it a waste of our own hands, and having done it before, we found the learn bend a little simpler this year. To be honest, we find it a little exhausting the first day - there is a lot of epi, but also tiredness.

Whilst I wouldn't necessarily call it a fault, the first one we jumped around a lot (like our stopover in Bangkok, we went to a hotel for the first night, flew to Mandaly the next, took the boat to Bagan the next, took the train overnight the next, and then to Yangon and then to Bangkok.............. again.

Thus we have hoped this year that we will stay at least two days at each place during our stops. I' m also traveling around with my Aeroplan points and have been telling my man what you both are doing. Hopefully you'll soon be able to redeem money and have a reward plane!

And Vanessa, this looks like an incredible journey. It' good that you made such a journey and can better schedule your stops. I have 30K in Aeroplan points lying around and I know I have to use them. That' s the best in travel chopping! I' m so amazed at what you both achieved with Aeroplan and Star Alliance.

It' unbelievable that you can go to so many places for so little as this. It was you who gave me the inspiration to think about how this could work for us on our coming journeys! Hopefully you can add some of these hints for your next trips. This looks like a big journey or a worldtour now.

Well, I have to get into this rewards play to get something as fantastic as this. There are so many great stopovers that we would like to see...all stopovers in Africa, Istanbul, Perth, Bangkok, Rome...all really, haha! You' ve really got me thinking about something similar now... I' m a little bit obsessed with earning mileage and we quite often get bonus flights.

Thank you for the inspirations and hopefully it will be a great one! That' a bunch of ambitious product and investigation that has gone into sensing for the abstraction transaction, guidance and device, but you did excavation, and all that case and perspiration tired in investigation has compensable out beautiful excavation for you man, writer to you.

I wish you all the best for the 2018 adventure and journey. We are so thrilled with this journey and it is so beautiful to listen to everyone's words of encouragement. At first I am really amazed how you both have a small rucksack with which you can travel around the world! I can' believe how you use the reward so cleverly.

I' d like to go to Zambia and Botswana. I know that this journey will pose some genuine packaging challenge, but I think it will be worthwhile not having to care too much about baggage that has been left behind.

In fact, this is such a great travel hack! What a great game! There are so many places you can go at once! Good to know that you can earn points and use it for an extended and beautiful journey! We try very much to find a little more equilibrium on this journey than in the past years.

God, that sounded like a big quest, you were so amazing, you did it! Must be very beloved in the world' s aerodromes and railway yards because it has been on the streets so many nights when we have to have it three meals in a row because we thought we had options - no, not at all.

Thank you - I sincerely hopes that there will be a great reward journey in your further years. In 2016 we made a world tour with the Star alliance and it was unbelievable! Loving their airlines - such a great ally. I can' t await to be followed, especially when you are on your way to Africa.

I' ve been told that Ethipoia is an unbelievable goal and will probably appear as the next hot spot soon. Istanbul was our favourite place on our last stop in the Star Alliance, so I sincerely expect you to have a better stay than your last one. That'?s unbelievable! Think of all these unbelievable reminders for this amount of cash!

It' s a great way to travel! Personally, I really like how you managed to make it work for you and travel around the world! I am reminded that I really need to take full benefit of the reward schemes. Often I fly from and to New Zealand from and to Europe, so I really should have a free journey, haha!

If you are able to make some stopovers for an imminent journey, let me know. However, we have used them for our journey from India to Europe and some states there. Happy forthcoming voyages. I am amazed by what you achieved on your journey in 2013 and look forward to everything you will do this year.

We are also very much looking forward to it - we have a great opportunity to read all about the new goals. I am very much amazed at how many places you go in such a hurry and how much motivation you have. Definitely I need my free travel experience to discover a town and I learnt on a longer journey that I have to take a break in between, otherwise I just want to go home.

I' ve been considering getting a point giving credential for a while now, but Europe isn't as interested in programmes like the USA, that's what I was noticing. Altogether, how long do you travel? Lucky journeys for you too! Available to Europeans or all Star Alliance members.

I' d like to go to all these places, but I' d rather just concentrate on my primary goal and then do all the other places on other journeys. Travelling always takes me back!

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