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In Infinity Aviation we offer dynamic aircraft charter, private jet charter and charter flights. The Infinity Transportation Group provides leasing and financing services to its customers in the aviation, rail and intermodality markets. Join Infinity Aviation, your Full Service FBO. Infinity Aviation is based at Nashua International Airports (KASH) in Nashua, New Hampshire, and is one of the biggest full-service operators of Fixed Base in the Northeast. Be it our repair experience, hot hangar, low cost petrol or excellent customer support, we're sure you'll be happy to come.

Remember that we can offer you cheap hotel, car hire and airports.

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One of the leading business aviation facilities in the U.S., Infinity provides servicing for Learjets, Challengers, Citation, Beechjets, Hawkers and Gulfstreams, to name a few. Based at Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI) in West Palm Beach, FL, Infinity provides aviation servicing and repairs throughout Florida.

Our Rapid Response AOG Support Teams also service Atlanta, GA and Southeast USA from our DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK) teams and Chicago, IL and Midwest USA from our Gary/Chicago Airport (KGYY) group.

Boire Field Airport Infinity Aviation Services

Refuelling hours: Pipe duty Available from 6:00 - 20:00 o'clock, 5 workingdays per week, weekend 6:00 - 19:00 o'clock. Nothing much to be added to my earlier remark except that the Infinity staff's outstanding achievement is constant. Once a year I go through a Piper Cub through what is more annoying than a good perspective, but still gets a great level of customer support.

Being a long standing client, I have found that all employees are professionals, competent and highly supportive. With a PA39 he went to the Infinity over the week-end. In spite of some plan changes, the personnel was quite obliging. Briefly, what you would want from a FBO that is professionally and well run.

A great set of amenities for a small client. Extraordinary employees are very satisfied with an accommodation with a Piper Cub. He' s professional ism and hospitability is proof of this awesome FBO. Servicing was awesome. I' m flying for an air surveying firm and used the Infinity facilities while we were in the area.

Our services have always been great and professionally. The planes were taken out of the hanger every early hour and retrofitted, and when a rapid turn was needed, they were always ultra-rapid. In fact, the line executive even came back to the airfield to bring our planes back into the hanger on Easter Eve, even though the FBO had shut down early because of the vacation.

All I have to say is great things about Infinity and I would strongly recommend them!

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