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Bad Theft Car Taxi

Severe Theft Auto 5 - Why Does The Downtown Cab Company Not Make Moneys? This wiki doesn't say that incidents like the ones you described can affect whether the taxi business can earn income or not. I' m not sure how long "age" is, as you said, but it can be assumed that you should make 2,000 dollars a weeks (playing time) for Franklin. My advice is to take notice of how much Franklin has in his pocket and wait a whole weekend (in game) and see if his money goes up by $2,000.

If you own a GTAV real estate, you will receive money in your GTAV banking accounts every Wednesday. Franklin receives $2,000 a dollar a weekly from the downtown cabin company and provides him with a free taxi-rate. There' no need why downtown cabin co wouldn't pay you every single dollar. Rummage through other issues with the theft-of-fatal-auto-5 tag or ask your own query.

Worst taxi driver in the story of the grand theft car

Anything can and will do. I' m a big taxi enthusiast in Grand Theft Auto because I don't really like to drive in matches, and I like to quickly go through the storyline mission, but I had never experienced anything far away insane in a taxi.

Thailand's youths imitate Grand Theft Auto at Taximord

An 18-year-old high-school student who is now in pre-trial detention, he faces execution by shot to death last week-end when he is found to have robbed and killed a 54-year-old taxi cab rider with a Messer. According to the cops, the teenager, an obsessed videogame gambler, showed no signs of psychological distress during the interrogation and admitted to having expressly committed the offence because of the videogame.

Described by his parent as courteous and hardworking, the teenager was apprehended later Saturday after he was found trying to back a taxi with the heavily injured backseat chauffeur from a Bangkok road, papers report. Suspects said to the cops that he did not want to assassinate the rider he had selected as a possible prey because of his old age, but that he killed him when he resisted, according to papers.

It has advocated stricter regulations for electronic gaming such as Grand Theft Auto, introducing a system for evaluating the sale and restricting opening times so that young people can enjoy gaming in open aisles. Alabama brought a multi-million dollars suit against the creators and sellers of Grand Theft Auto in 2005, alleging that month after month of the match caused a young teen to murder two policemen and a 911ispatcher.

Nasdaq's Take-Two Interactive software releases the best-selling Grand Theft Auto game.

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