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Obtain an individual private charter offer from our specialists. The team of our experts will find the best available price for your private jet rental with the most suitable private aircraft. Charter and management of aircraft The charter services are provided by affiliates that have an agency of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), which includes Sterling Aviation (Certificate #DBCA868D), TWC Aviation (Certificate #BZUA138N), Daedalus, Inc.

Cert. #DDNA793K and Cert. #DUFA348D courier. The Sterling Aviation and TWC Aviation brands are Landmark Aircraft Management & Charter, Daedalus is Encore Charter and Business Aviation Services and Courier is Encore Air Cargo.

Plane leasing and chartering

Possessing jets can be a useful choice for private persons and businesses that spend more than 300 hrs a year flying when choosing how to travel privately. It is at this point that the additional comfort and versatility of a business aircraft can offset the start-up and running costs of servicing the aircraft.

However, as with every important purchase, there are a few important things to consider before buying a private aircraft. Private aircraft owners can become a costly business for an individual or company flying less than 300 hrs per year if the cost of aircraft servicing outweighs the advantages of owning the aircraft.

In this case, aircraft operators have one of two options: either to resell the aircraft or to rent their aircraft through a charter carrier. A lot of people and companies choose to "charter" their aircraft rather than selling them to get the advantages of owning a plane. In this way, they can own and run their aircraft whenever they want, while still offsetting part of the cost of operating the aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently placed certain limitations on aircraft holders renting their aircraft to charter companies. In particular, these rules, referred to as those laid down in Article 8, restrict the number of aeroplanes owned by aircraft in the field of operations aircraft that have their jets. There are two different kinds of aircraft lease contracts under AP008.

The term "wet lease" is used to describe a contract under which an aircraft operator provides an aircraft with at least one member of the aircraft crews. The " dye leases " are leases under which an aircraft operator provides an aircraft without insurances, without service staff or crews, and without cabin crews. It is important to note that in a case of a wet leases, the lessee retains full operative oversight of the aircraft.

A FAR Part 135 offence is one in which each aircraft holder rents an aircraft to a charterer. According to A008, the aircraft holder must rent his aircraft to a charterer. As soon as the aircraft holder rents his aircraft to a certificated charter company, he has no operative oversight over the aircraft during all charter operations.

Each charter company is solely responsible for ensuring that each charter operation is performed in full compliance with the requirements of FAR Part 135. Plane owner have no say in which crews, in which service programme or in which insurances they work on charter planes. Because the FAA has transposed these rules, it ensures the security of passengers by checking that each charter is operated by charter companies that comply with FAR 135.

The FAR 135 rules among other things guarantee that the aircraft are adequately typed and that the aircraft are correctly serviced according to FAA-requirements. It is important to consider how much operative oversight is required when considering aircraft possession if an aircraft is rented to compensate for costs. However, if an individual or company prefers to hire their own individual aircrew or service staff, they must keep their aircraft under a Part 91 certification and waive the lease options.

On the other hand, the so-called carry leasing is not really an alternative for those who want full operative oversight of their aircraft at all time. Ultimately, owning private jets is just not the best choice for individual travellers and businesses flying less than 300 hrs a year.

For these private jets, the best choice is on-demand charter. Due to on-demand charter of jets, individual persons and businesses are charged while they go on private jets instead of having to cover the running costs of owning the same. Besides the benefits in terms of costs, the On-Demand Jet Charter Services also offer direct contact to hundreds of different private jets.

Plane operators are restricted by the cruising ranges and efficiency of their private jets. If a person, for example, has a Citations V lightweight beam, this would not be the most suitable aircraft for a long-range or large group outing. Instead, the aircraft operator would end up having to pay more for the extra flying hours.

Through a private aircraft charter via an on-demand charter facility such as Stratos' Jet Charters, private and corporate customers have direct contact with the most secure and well-maintained aircraft capable of meeting the unique needs of their flights. You can then experience the conveniences and luxuries of a private plane without the cost of owning jets.

For private or group charter arrangements, please call Stratos jet charters at (888) 593-9066. Round-the-clock, our charter agent is available to offer you several private jets for your on-demand outing.

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