Private Aircraft Leasing Companies

Aircraft private leasing companies

Leading company with the experience and expertise to handle any type of aircraft transaction. JetLoan Capital is the leading aviation financial brokerage firm with a premier group of banks, leasing companies and private equity firms dedicated to offering you the best financing terms. Flugzeug-Leasing: Directory of aircraft services The Amjet Aviation Company is an industry-leading aircraft broker and consulting firm for a worldwide customer community of companies, corporate groups and high networth individuals. Since 1993, we have been a reliable market player in the airline world. The founder Kevin Jordan has more than 35 years of aerospace expertise and has worked in various roles.

{\pos (192,220)}He sees quite literally what the deal is. And no other airliner is getting any older. Featuring industry-leading salvage value and the unwavering support of all Dassault Falcon equipment and service, the best place to look for a used Falcon is right here at Falcon........ We are the leader with the knowledge and skills to complete any aircraft operation.

JetLoan Capital is the premier airline finance broking company with a premier group of banking, leasing and private equities companies dedicated to providing you with the best finance conditions. The JETNET is the world' s premier resource for information and insights about corporate and passenger aircraft.

We have a data base of aircraft with stationary wings as well as helidopters. Our mission is to provide important information tailor-made for the aerospace pro.... The Valor Jets Group is an aircraft distribution, merchandising, acquisition and consultancy company with offices located from shore to shore. Our services include owners of top class commercial jets, air traffic control units and banks.

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The Dublin, Ireland based aircraft leasing firm with operations worldwide, among them Abu Dhabi, has owned, managed or ordered 1,697 aircraft as at 31 December 2015. By comparison, the prior year value (2014) was $855.5 million, which, according to the Group, was primarily due to the full year effects of the ILFC transaction and asset disposal gain.

Aengus Kelly, CEO of AerCap, commented on the expected results for the coming year: "As we look forward to 2016, we see continued strong aircraft sales and a financial environment that is highly susceptible to the AerCap name." In addition, the Corporation has previously approved a $400 million stock buyback program that runs until June 30, 2016.

More than 200 clients in around 80 different nations benefit from the company's extensive range of aircraft leasing products and systems and its affiliate AeroTurbine offers partial and full aircraft leasing contracts.

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