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Published 14:54 ET June 24, 2018 | Updated 8:14 ET June 29, 2018. 14% Alaska Air Down YTD, Aircraft Theft & Crash Raise concerns - August 13, 2018 Alaska Air Group, Inc. shareholdings this year have developed badly and lost 13th place. These underperformances are attributable to several headwind factors such as high cost and falling volumes. In addition to the problems outlined above, the strange event that occurred on August 10 at Alaska Air's Horizon Air affiliate, with a member of the company's grounds crew (Richard Russell), posed safety issues not only for this Seattle-based airline, but for the whole airline industry.

Of course, the tragic ending of the event has posed the question of how a non-pilot (described by the government as suicidal) could take off, steer and operate a sophisticated state-of-the-art airplane. Aeroplane robbery has also posed safety issues and is being investigated by various government bodies. Alaska Air's inventory is likely to remain under pressure as the event attracted global interest.

Apart from high cost, the strange event has been exerting downward pressures on the company's results for some considerable period and the second half of 2018 was no exception. However, the company's results were not affected by the financial crisis. During the second trimester, the results of which were published last months, overall operational cost increased by 17%, mainly due to high personnel and petrol cost.

Higher expenses led to a year-on-year decline in earnings. Even more serious, it is anticipated that high expenses will continue to impact earnings in the third fiscal quarter of 2018. In the third three months, the airline anticipates that per available passenger row occupancy (CASM) without aviation fuels and exceptional factors will increase by approximately 4.9% year-on-year.

Economical gasoline costs per gal are expected to be $2. 30 per gal in the quarterly, up about 27.8%. During the second trimester, overall sales per available seating area ( "RASM": an important indicator of sales) fell by 4.8% year-on-year. In the third quater, the rate of increase in sales (RASM) is expected to fall by up to 3%.

GATX Corporation (GATX - Free Report) and trinity industries, Inc. TRN. SkyWest, GATX and Trinity stocks increased by more than 60%, 33% and 31% respectively in one year.

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