Alaska' s geographical and historical treatment, including maps and an overview of its population, economy and government. What's the size of Alaska? Alaska' is big! Bring Texas to Alaska twice! A fifth the stature of the Lower 48, Alaska is larger than Texas, California and Montana put together!

Also Alaska is widely scattered: 3.1 x broader (east-west) and 1.9 x higher (north-south) than Texas. Northerly to southern Alaska is 1420 mile, the range from Denver to Mexico City, and easterly to westerly 2500 mile, the range from Savannah, GA to Santa Barbara, CA.

Please see detailled Alaska Cards. Also Alaska has the northernmost point (Point Barrow) and the westernmost point (Cape Wrangell, Alaska -- further westwards than Hawaii) in the USA. Alaska has 99x as much continental waters (in seas, reservoir and rivers) as Texas. Actually, Alaska has 3 million seas over 20 hectares in size.

An Alaska has more than 50% of the total US coast, or 6,640 mph. Massachusetts has a 367-mile coast! There are 83 thousand more Texas per sqomile. Had the Texas demographic densities been the same as in Alaska, only 265,489 Texas residents would have lived instead of 22,118,509 (based on 2003 data).

Alaska' s highlight, Mount McKinley (20,320 feet), climbs 2.2 nautical miles above Texas' highlight, Guadalupe Peak, to 8,749 ft. Mt McKinley is not only the highest peak in North America, but Alaska also has 15 other summits higher than any other in the USA. Alaska has 640 square miles for every kilometer of asphalt roads.

Twenty square miles per street, Texas has 20 square kilometers of country. Alaska' s country to street relationship is 31.3x greater. Alaska' s streets are only 20% cobbled, compared to an averaging 91% for the other 49 states. Throughout the long, chilly winters, the Alaskan construct icy routes to cross streams and soil that is otherwise too mellow to travel.

Texas has 6.3 percent more flying per head than Alaska. There are 102 floatplane base in Alaska, far more than any other state. What's the size of Alaska?

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