Private Jet Owners in the World

Owners of private jets in the world

Fifteen of the most powerful private jet owners in the world Familiar private jet life is full of some of the most powerful individuals in the world, millions ofaires, billions ofaires, businessmen, VIPs, athletes and political leaders who all see themselves as private jet enthusiasts. Let's take a look at some of the greatest private jet owners in the world...some of them will amaze you!

Loves him or hates him, there's no surprises here. Millionaire, Immobilienmogul and President designate of the United States Donald Trump has one of the world' s biggest private jet. Speaking during her inaugural speech at Duke University, which also conferred her an honorific degree, Talkshow Queen Oprah Winfrey said that ownership of a private jet is one of the signs of being truly effective.

Cofounder of Microsoft and holder of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Bill Gates, is the world' wealthiest man, so it is not strange that he has his own private jet deluxe and fly. Recently he talked to the designated US president and private jet proprietor Donald Trump; undoubtedly their private planes have appeared at some point!

Saudian princely philosopher, humanitarian and tycoon, he has the world's most costly jet, an Airbus A380 valued at over $500 million. Bucharest Abramovich: It's no big suprise to find Russia's billiard player and owners of the Chelsea Football Club on this page! Buffet Jimmy: The US artist and entrepreneur has his own private jet, the best way to get to Margaritaville.

Legendary genius of street entertainment and fun is also a private jet enthusiast, perfectly suited to his jet-set style of life. He may be a fun man, but the private jet of the Hollywood comedian queen is not a ridiculous thing! Philanthropist, million paragon, UN envoy and an unbelievably talented actor, Jolie also possesses a fabulous private jet.

This is Harrison Ford: Harrison Ford is another private jet operator. This is Tom Cruise: Top gun celebrity and world renowned comedian Tom Cruise is also a proud private jet operator who feels the need for a little bit of air. Facebook is one of the youngestillionaires in the world and "likes" the business with his own private jet.

John Travolta, himself a flyer, a famous humanitarian and of course an outstanding performer, is the Qantas Airlines embassador and owns 11 stunning aircraft, among them a luxury Boeing 707! At first she amazed the world with her singing and has since become a shining example for so many.

No one should be surprised that her private jet is almost as pretty as her singing tone. Z: Jay Z: Rap player became business man and politician actor, Zay Jay got one of the most honorable sharing for Father's Day ever from his woman Beyoncé. Private Jet " Private Jet " Private Jet " Private Jet " Private Jet " Private Jet ".

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