One World round the World Trip Planner

A world around the world Travel planner

NEW: You can now travel around the world in just two stopovers. In Maputo:, compare this with the same fares when the trip begins. One of AirTreks' sample routes. Like the name suggests, RTW tickets are tickets that allow you to travel the world with one ticket. The Book and Fly tool makes it quick and easy for you to create your unforgettable RTW trip.

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One World' s Round the World fare is the price for the faithful Qantas airline and those who want to make a longer journey on a flight. Tickets are valid for either the route covered or the number of visiting countries. Up to 16 sections are available on each e-ticket, which includes spaces between two towns used on the card.

The fare is calculated in 4 distances. Don't be concerned about the range finding, our specialists are here to help you and cover the entire tech side of the formula. All we need to know is where and when you want to go to get the ball rolling. What we need to know is where and when you want to be.

The tax rates are between 500 and 1600 US dollars, according to the travel experience and number of business segments. Continental tariffs offer up to 4 business units on each business unit except North America, where up to 6 business units are within your total 16 business unit boundary. Just click on the below buttons and let us know what you have in mind, or visit our travel planner around the world to create your favourite trip and our specialists will make you the best offer.

Excludes tax, which must be charged according to your itinerary.

Routing for Round the World Tickets

It can be used to schedule the world airline ticket sales under One world Explorer Tariff or Star alliance RoTW Tariff, it does not impose the tariff regulations, that is up to you. Begin by selecting the departure point for your journey by typing the destination number or name in the Airport: field. If you type a name or 3-letter number that does not already appear, it will browse the destination data base and give you a chart where you can select the destination.

As soon as you have chosen the departure airfield, all airfields that have a connection from this airfield will be shown on the chart as a smaller amber airfield, if you hover above the airfield, a symbol with the name will be displayed. If you click on the aerodrome, it will be added to the itinerary. Routes are displayed in a chart showing the destination and kilometres required for starrates.

When you want to modify your itinerary, click on the airports in the chart to go back to that point of the itinerary and delete all following points.

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