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Taxis near here

Taxi stop locations in Barcelona. Taxi Circus - Cabot Circus - Bus stops and taxi rank Situated at the intersection of Temple Way (A4044), Newfoundland Street (A4032) and Bond Street South (A4044). The Cabot Circus has its own multi-storey garage with Blue Badge, as well as a number of small coves for families and easy entrance to the commercial area. The charges are valid for all visitors to this area. Click here for more information on the subject of ticketing (opens new tab).

Our mall has its own underground cars. It is a multi-storey building. There is a limit to the vertical distance of the garage. There is a gate regulation in the multi-storey garage. Asphalted floor for easy use. A Blue Badge is available. Cove (s) with the blue badge are clearly identified and inscribed.

More than 10 Blue Badge marked spaces are available within the multi-storey building. Measured Blue Badge space is 370cm x 620cm (12ft 2in x 20ft 4in). Around the Blue Badge lot (s) there is a 120 cm long shaded area. The Blue Badge spaces are only available on level 1 and 3.

There are clearly labelled parents' and children's parkings. Every single space will be allocated according to the First Come First Server principle. We charge extra fees for the parkings. There is no free of charge visitor parkingĀ for the event location. You will find the pay plates at the entry to the multi-storey garage and on the pay machine in the multi-storey garage.

Placards with credit periods do not make it clear whether Blue Badge owners have to pay airport fees. There is no free of charge for Blue Badge owners. Pay stations are situated outside the elevators on all floors of the multi-storey building. There is a path from the multi-storey lot to the driveway that can be accessed by disabled persons.

From the parking lot the driveway is not clearly viewable. From the parking lot to the driveway, the way is well-marked. Access door is made of slabs of cement. You have to pass a street between the parking lot and the drive. Between the parking lot and the driveway there is no contact pavement on kerbstones.

Blue Badge's closest marked car park is about 41 meters (44yd 2ft) from the Shopmobility door. From the Concorde Street entry point to the Brigstowe entry point to Cabot Circus, there are 3 buses along Penn Street. There' s a taxi stand on the Quakers Friars side of Penn Street between Broadmead and Philadelphia Street.

The taxi stand offers room for about 6 cabs. The taxi stand is 31 metres from the George White Street entrance. There' a railroad between Broadmead and George White Street with palpable pavement on each side. There' a railroad cross between Quakers Friars Point on Philadelphia Street and Brigstowe Street.

Entrance to the top level is on Penn Street, opposite Broadmead. In the opening of the entrance point there are shelters. At this point there are cards with clearly structured listings of stores and service providers within Cabot Circus and Quaker Brothers.

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