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The majority of jet aircraft sold include serial number or aircraft registration and the jet price. Privatjets for sell Canada + North America, for purchase at Guardian Jet, LLC. 2,100 hour engines on ESP Gold new color &...

... Canada + North America, for purchase by Central Business Jets, Inc. Offer price is $1,850,000.00. Priced No Damages History Wing De-Ice Wing & Windshield Anti-Ice Tank Cap Lock Adjustable Aft Flood Adjustable Wing De-Ice Ventilation On Bord....

Canada + North America, for purchase by Central Business Jets, Inc. Motors for Rolls Royce Corporate Care. Airframe and engine inspection 750 hours - July 2018 at Embraer, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Engines and APUs registered in MSP Gold Airframe, in July 2018 at.... Currently CampPAircraft is registered with SmartParts Engines are registered with Rolls Royce Corporate Care.

United States + Canada, for purchase by Freestream Aircraft USA Ltd. Canada + North America, for resale by Florida Jet Sales Inc. nz2000 6. 1/waas/lpv/cas 7. Total time APU & motors on JSSI Platinum GoGo WiFi Text and Talk Swift Broadband Internet NZ2000 6. 1/WAAS/LPV 7. Recent inspection of GAC in Las Vegas for twelve /24/36/72 months concluded January 2018 * Engines on RRCC * APU on MSP * Landing gear on aircraft parts *.....

PRIZE LIMITED Turnkey Sierra Eagle II Zitation, ADS-B Out, Owner motivates upgrade to the Williams and Eagle Power Plant Eagle Out 2006 - raised..... FADEC motors FADEC steered Blue Engine program WAP Advantage and ProParts WAAS/LPV Equipped WAAS II Mark VIII EPGWS E-Charts Airshow SAT..... Germany, Europe, for resale at Jet Consp. Embraer Lineage 1000 of 2013, with a total of 19 persons.

Just 228 rotations, with short aircraft cell times (751h). C RegisteredForward GalleyForward Crew Rest CompartmentEngines im Rolls Royce Coporate CareAPU immatrikuliert am.......

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. Prices for our charter flights.

What does a privat jet rental fee be? To many, traveling privately is a practical imperative. What does a privat jet rental fee be? With Stratos, you have two great purchasing choices to help customers procure airline ticketing products that meet their needs and budget: On-and off-peak price and fixed-price models. Prices for on-demand charters vary from journey to journey on a given date because prices are driven by three predominant factors:

Our customers are offered a variety of price option for a specific type of airplane. Lower final fares would be an indicator of more moderate price aircrafts, while higher final fares represent aircrafts with improved features and/or a wider choice of on-board equipment. It is our goal to give our customers a clear choice of planes within their favorite classes so they can make educated purchasing choices.

To give our customers the best possible estimate, our Stratos operatives use the most sophisticated financial accounting available on the industry. And we look at price-determining determinants like: Booking with trust is easy as your broker carefully analyses all available planes in the charters and identifies the best placed planes, giving you the freedom to select your favorite at the best available price.

We will also discuss with you any other available ways to save costs, such as using one-way charters (also known as empty or empty flights) to adjust your route. As an example, we find that the most cost-effective way is to use several planes for your round trips.

Or our store locator can detect an airplane of your choosing that needs to be travelled along your itinerary. Stratos Jet Charters fixed offers are subject to the reservation of a particular jet and are all-in rates that incorporate all applicable tax and other charges.

This way, if you ask us "How much does a plane cost?", you won't experience any surprise after your journey. However, there are some conditions under which extra costs may arise which are outside Stratos' sphere of influence. For example, in wintry conditions, your plane may have to be de-iced before take-off.

If these charges become costly or the chosen plane is planned for another charters airline during your voyage, the plane may revert to the basis. If you have an imminent holiday, please let us know and we will be pleased to give you a fixed price and all available ways to save money.

And on-demand pricing works for some of our customers. For others, the need for better visibility in the planning and spending of their travels has led Stratos to offer our pre-paid Stratos Jet Card at set prices. Prepayment of your air fares at a specified installment allows you to pre-plan your itinerary. The best way to set per hour charges for your personal flight is to become a Jet Card member.

To learn more about Stratos Jet Card membership at a set rate, please click here to view our downloadable Jet Card Membership Leaflet.

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