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Checking in web functions Web Check-in is currently not available due to service work. No matter if you' re travelling for work or pleasure, just register and book your desired place for a charge between 48 and 6 hrs before your flight time. The Web Check-in is available for: Up to 9 people per PNR and groups PNR with a max. of four groups.

Visitors who only have a current and certified eTicket. Visitors who depart from an international departure point that is connected to our check-in system. Click here to see the lists of towns and airfields where web check-in is available. Visitors traveling with a small and/or large family. Visitors booking on code share and scheduled services.

Visitors who meet the check-in slot requirements (please see the check-in slot chart below). The boarding card must be reprinted at the check-in desk or at the kiosk before the closing of the desk. From May 17, 2018, JetPrivilege Platinum, Goldmembers, co-brand cardholders, Etihad guest members and priority guest members will be able to register at any of our Première desks at the International Airports.

Now JetPrivilege Silver members must use our economics desks for check-in. In order to shorten the waiting times at airports, passengers traveling with hand luggage only are advised to use the web or newsstand check-in and go directly to safety to board. Inland flight - Identifies a flight within India. Between 24 and 2 hrs before your flight departs for non-stop services to and from Amsterdam, London, Paris and Toronto.

6 to 2 hrs in advance for non-stop services to and from SAARC, ASEAN and Golf (except Bahrain and Abu Dhabi). 48 to 2 hrs in advance for Abu Dhabi and Bahrain departures. Between 48 and 6 hrs before your flight departs for non-stop services to and from SAARC, ASEAN and Golf.

Please note: We ask all guests to register long before the switch closes. Guests who report to the check-in desk after the closing time specified below will not be able to conclude their check-in process. Time at which the check-in counter(s) is (are) closed: Intra-India flights: 45 min before take-off. Intra-Community flights: 60 min before your flight time.

Visitors traveling with checked luggage must present their luggage together with a current photograph ID at the airline check-in desk in good time prior to the above closing times so that their luggage can be collected and used. Passengers should be aware that check-in desks at Dubai International are closed 75 minutes ahead of flight departures.

Passengers who do not report to the aerodrome 75 min before take-off will be discharged from the aircraft and their places will be reserved for stand-by passengers. With regard to the recent change by the Dubai Airports Authority, please be aware that the gate number for your flights will no longer be listed on your chart from 24 January 2017.

Visitors must inspect the Passenger Information Display (FIDS) at the Concourse and inside the Concourse in order to record their boarding gate number. Visitors can verify this information within 90 min before the planned date of depart. Checking in closes 75 min before your plane leaves.

Ask all your passengers to come to the check-in desks in order to guarantee a smooth journey. Visitors who carry a paper e-boarding passport must trade it for a boarding card which will be displayed at the airline check-in counter. Bordkarte will only be renewed after the guest's passport has been checked.

Visitors with a current e-boarding pass must present their passport at the gates at least 60 min in advance to verify their itinerary. Checking in at airports starts 3 hrs before your scheduled start. In the USA and Canada, the requirement for a safe journey allows passengers to make their check-in via the Internet up to 48 hour before scheduled time.

The Web Booking Passport (es) will only be issued within 24 hrs before your scheduled date of travel. Passengers who have registered on the Internet 48 hrs in advance of scheduled departures are requested to consult our website 24 hrs in advance to create their e-boarding pass(s). Visitors traveling with hold luggage can use our check-in desk for fast luggage reclaim entry.

Guests can go to the check-in desk with their e-boarding pass for other wards.

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