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2505 Middle Country Rd, Centereach, NY 11720

Over the years, we have used this facility many, many time, especially for pick-up and return at Islip Airport, the results have always been good. Horrible notion that the scheduler is very evil and impolite and the taxi operator Joe Auto # 1 is even more impolite and ignoring. I don't suggest this cabin setup to anyone.

Be ashamed that you exploit a handicapped wife with a handicapped boy in a wheelchair, stool and food pipe. I took my just portion of cab trips on Long Island and in Manhattan and that was the first pleasant cab trip I had. And I was totally afraid to try this cabbing.

The taxi arrived 10 mins later, took me to my place without a wacky ticket price, and the type (a heavier type who drove a van) was an utter delight. He was really cute. Some time later I phoned and was taken away by a really good young man. The prices were low and very high.

I' m definitely going to keep using this firm when I need a drive around Long Iceland. Firstly, I think it is important to say that I am afraid of automobiles in general - much more, a taxi with a chauffeur I never even saw. It was my first cab trip alone to make things even more difficult.

Apart from that, my rider, Doc (sp?), is mostly the main reasons why I felt I had to make a critique. It was the friendliest man I've ever seen and I went crazy all the way. I would definitely be recommending this taxi company, especially if you have it as your taxi rider.

Home Town Taxi Inc.

RTD Access-a-Ride User Manual

The RTD Paratransit Solutions, Access-a-Ride, provides means of transport for drivers with disabilities that prevent them from using trams or coaches. One to three day reservation is required for the Access-a-Ride booking process. Provides accessibility a ride in the same areas and on the same dates and on the same working hour as the regular scheduled routes and trams.

You can call the Access-a-Ride offices at 303.299 if you have any queries after reviewing this manual. ┬┐Who is entitled to the Paratransit services? "Every person with a handicap who, as a consequence of a bodily or intellectual handicap (including a visual handicap) and without the help of another person (with the exception of the person operating a chair or other access device), is not able to get into, drive on or get off a System car which is easily accessed and useable by persons with a handicap.

The entitlement to Access-a-Ride cannot be due to a lack of funds. Please note: Access-a-Ride is not liable for the loss or theft of any item. Ticket price is payable upon entry into an Access-a-Ride car. Customers are not allowed to make payments at their destinations. Rates for Access-a-Ride can be purchased in either hard currency or ONLY with Five-Ride or Ten-Ride tickets.

When paying in real time, the exchange rate must be set to the EXACTCHANGE because the Access a Safe payment system does not accept changing. A helper who escorts a handicapped person travels free of charge. We do not accept cards with the words "discount" as an Access-a-Ride tariff. Access a-Ride ID travellers travel free on all other RTD fixed-route buses and rolling stock.

To recommend a chauffeur for the offered services, please contact RTD's Paratransit Customer Services at 303.299.6000. Access a Road users can use busses and trams regularly if they feel comfortable enough to do so. If you use a predetermined itinerary, you can get on free of charges as long as you present your Access-a-Ride pass to the coach company.

According to your needs, travellers can choose one of the following categories of eligibility: The duration of the activity depends on the circumstance of your state. Persons with a transient handicap preventing them from using the RTD and/or tramway system shall be granted a transient entitlement. The terms and conditons applicable to the services are individually defined according to the passenger's needs.

If it has been established within the framework of the transport procedure that a person may only use the Access-a-Ride service under extremely high temperatures, the requirement of sensitivity to temperatures shall be used. Access a-Ride Call Centre will use wwww. meteor.gov forecast to ensure that there is a 30% probability that the temp will meet the conditioned limit when the customer needs a trip.

Any passenger with "temperature sensitive" conditions may apply for a journey only one (1) full working days in advance. 1. The Dawn to Dusk is available after dawn and until sundown. Our Duss to Dawn services are available after the sun goes down and until the sun rises the following morning. We provide an Access-a-Ride ski pass on the ski slopes and for seven consecutive skiers.

Access a Mountain Call Center uses wwww. meteor.gov forecasts to ensure that there is a 30% probability that it will be snowing on the date you need a drive. For " Snows " conditions, a passenger must call one (1) days in advance for all travel applications. Raining If the potential for raining that could cause your electric stool to break is the problem that affects you from and to a coach stop, we provide an Access-a-Ride facility in the event of rainy conditions.

Access a Mountain Call Centre uses wwww. meteor.gov forecasts to ensure that there is a 30% probability that it will raine on the date you need a trip. Riders in "rain" conditions may apply for journeys only one (1) full working days in advance. 1. If your illness justifies recurrent treatments, i.e. renal therapy, chemical therapy, radiotherapy, etc., we provide the Access-a-Ride to you.

Chronic Fataligue status customers can plan one (1) to three (3) business day in advanced. This passenger may use the Access-a-Ride service if their tiredness restricts their capacity to use the permanent network. Fataligue status travelers must call one (1) full working days in advance for all travel applications.

A person would be partially eligable if his or her disabilities led to periodical periods affecting his or her capacity to use the fixed-line network of the network for a brief duration. Unlimited full sevice for four (4) years. FTE area users can use the Access-a-Ride up to 21 calendars per year by demonstrating that they have a medical status or handicap that is preventing them from using the FTE system.

The authorisation to use the transit parcel system is not perpetual. When you need to resume your services, you must recertify before your valid date expires. Access-a-Ride is a limit of the services area corresponding to the operation of the stationary and S-Bahn train stops on working days, evening and weekend. Coverage includes sites located within three-quarters (3/4) of a kilometer (mile) from RTD's non-routing terminals within the RTD area.

There'?s no such thing as a backup outside the RTD district. The RTD makes plan adaptations for the permanent leg services three time a year. As a result of these changes, your Access-a-Ride services may be subject to changes. Personal Care Attendant (PCA) can escort a certificated Access-a-Ride traveller at no extra cost. In your traveler profil it must be stated that you are entitled to have a PCA for the journey with you.

When you schedule a journey, you must make a reservation for your PCA seat. Unless you notify us that you will be taking a PCA and/or a passenger and that there is no place on your car at the time of collection, the PCA and/or the passenger may be refused service.

A PCA is not requested during your first selection call, you must consult the Access-a-Ride Administration at 303.299. Take-away packs are restricted to three (3) food pouches or similar size packs, whether or not the user is involved in bag filling the truck.

The operator may assist a single traveller to transport three (3) parcels on and from the car from the same pavement or holding area where the travellers are and get out of the car. Travellers can use a pair of wheeled trolleys to transport more than three (3) twenty lbs. heavy luggage. The operator secures the trolley in the car.

It is not permissible to carry shopping trolleys on Access-a-Ride vessels. Blind and other servants are welcome to join you. Every pet that shows aggressiveness can be removed from the car or serviced. Please let us know when planning your trip whether you will be accompanied by a domesticater.

Private animals may only enter an Access-a-Ride car if they are transported in an animals transporter. The RTD will require vaccination against and identification of all RTD dog owners and RTD cars with respect to bugs, police cars and accompanied visitor canines. In order to plan a journey, call Access-a-Ride Reservations at 303.292. If you are planning a journey, please be prepared to organise it:

Identify your unique pick-up home information, which includes your facility number, telephone and suit numbers, company name, and unique pick-up information and attractions. Journeys to buses and crossings cannot be planned by Access-a-Ride. Pickup times and the place of your journey back are different from the place of your collection. RTD implements an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for Access-a-Ride and Access-a-Cab-users.

Reservation agent or dispatcher will still be available if the passenger has trouble navigation in the IVR system. Callcenter is in charge of the management of requests to reset and update IVR passwords (add/remove) to passengers' preferred address (for Access-a-Cab journeys). With the IVR system, travellers can plan Access-a-Cab journeys up to 23 hrs in advance whenever they want, restricted to four journeys per night.

Passengers who have a problem planning a journey between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. can switch to a booking agents. Passengers who have a problem planning a journey between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. are forwarded to the central office. Research ers at RTD continue to improve their service and hope that their IVR experiences are beneficial.

Should Access-a-Ride not be able to meet your specific requirements, it may provide a pick-up period of up to sixty mins before or up to sixty mins after the desired pick-up period. Please contact the safety bureau if a passenger's premises are within a closed group and require specific access, in order to organise access for the Access-a-Ride car before pick-up times.

Failure by the passengers to organise admission and to drive the car into the pick-up area will result in the passengers being deemed to be no-shows. There is no Access-a-Ride to carry a wheelchair or other wheelchair without the passengers onboard the vehicle. Recognises three types of cancellation in Access-a-Ride: When you no longer need to travel, please void your travel until 17:00 the eve of your planned pick-up period to prevent fines.

Delayed cancellation is any travel canceled less than two (2) hour prior to your planned pick-up time. An established sample of premature or delayed cancellation is a serious disturbance of operations. Early or delayed cancellation exceeding ten per cent (10%) of your planned journeys within a thirty-day time limit (30 days) will result in your suspended services.

Prepare to enter the car at the beginning of your thirty-minute (30) planned windows. Please tell Access-a-Ride Reservations staff the exact pick-up and drop-off location and the name and house number of the facility within the resort when planning your itinerary. Carriers will collect passengers as near as possible to these specified locations.

Within six (6) minute of their arrival within your pickup timeframe, the operator will await you to get on the car. Where there are stairways that lead from the pavement to the home or edifice, the operator shall help outpatient users to ascend and descend. In 2000, we asked you to postpone your repatriation to a later date.

All efforts will be made to adapt the pick-up times to your journey, but as the timetables are set in advance, you can anticipate longer delay. Modifications to a round voyage later in the evening or into the early part of the clock cannot be taken into account until the following working days, subject to the availabilities of the RTD Fifth Dimension plans.

Access-a-Ride's first concern is the security of its people. In order to guarantee the security for our customers, who have to get into the car with the elevator, the operator uses access matrix straps, which are fastened in front of and behind the customer during the elevator. They are allowed to wear a harness after the eighth year of life (8).

There is no child seat or child seat in Access-a-Ride. Please call 877.239 for more information on the latest safety regulations for passengers of children. There is a no-show if the car is arriving during the planned pick-up time and you are not boarding the car. When you " no-show " or canceled the first stage of a journey, the corresponding journey back will not be deleted for you.

Call up the planning function and reverse the trip yourself. Proof of a failure to appear shall constitute a serious interruption of work. Failure to appear in excess of ten per cent (10%) of your planned journeys within a 30-days (30) time limit shall constitute a reason for suspending the operation of the services. Access a Ride and Access a Cab customers must present their Access a Ride pass when entering the car.

Not specifying the precise price of the ticket when getting into the car is contrary to RTD's tariff regulations. An established model of non-payment of fares shall be deemed a reason for suspending services. In the event that a traveller declines to make payments for his journey and declines to leave the vessel at the owner's insistence, the public authority shall be notified.

Persistent breach of the above guidelines may lead to the withdrawal of your Access-a-Ride and Access-a-Cab subscription. Deferral deadlines are as follows: Every passenger, PCA and guest is required to comply with these Standards of Good Practice to provide security and convenience to all passenger and operator: Any passenger who violates the code of behaviour will be punished until the end of the duty.

Persistent breach of these guidelines may lead to the withdrawal of your Access-a-Ride and Access-a-Cab subscription. Security lock: Passengers who question the grounds for suspending operations in accordance with this User's Guide shall have the right to lodge an appeal in advance of such suspending. Complaints can be made by calling the Access-a-Ride customer support representative at 303.299.6000.

To protect all our customers and carriers, customers who physically injure another customer or the carrier will be immediately and immediately suspended for a period not exceeding fourteen (14) consecutive business days or until the completion of the appeals process. If a second event occurs in which another person or another user is injured, the operation is definitively terminated.

Attendance is restricted to travellers travelling at least three (3) per weekly to the same place and at the same aime. The RTD provides a subscriber based geographically available and can prioritise the services as needed. Please call 303.299 to enquire about a subscriptionservice. If RTD terminates 50% or more of any subscriber services that are terminated during a thirty (30) days notice term, or if there is a standard model of termination for any portion of a subscriber, RTD will cancel that portion of the same.

If for any reasons you are requesting an appointment for your subscriptionservice, Access-a-Ride may not be able to meet your query, which means that you will be placed on a waitlist. Handheld oxyde devices and handheld breathing masks are allowed in Access-a-Ride cars. You will be assisted by the user in ensuring that this gear is secured to the car.

If you are charging for the amount of air you need to use Access-a-Ride facilities, you are planning to add several hour's journey times. A photo ID shall be given to all entitled persons and shall be presented to the driver at each boarding of an Access-a-Ride or Access-a-Cab car. Every traveller who misuses his Access ess-a-Ride or Accessess-a-Cab facilities, such as changing or loaning his tickets to non-passengers, will be immediately excluded from the operation for an indefinite period.

The RTD Access-a-Ride has a right to be: Travellers of RTD Access-a-Ride bear a liability for: Access a riding may not be able to offer assistance in the case of a nature or man-made catastrophe. It is the passenger's responsability in such cases to call the Access-a-Ride Call Center and enquire about the state of their particular journey.

We will make every effort to carry all our customers, but in case of a worst case scenario it may be necessary to direct them to 911. RTD will make every effort to inform the passenger through wireless, TV and website announcement in the case of an accident or change in services. If there is a case of medically necessary assistance on aboard a car that calls for assistance, the call will be handled by the Access-a-Ride Call Center.

Answering paramedics will have the ultimate decision about the need to bring the passengers to the infirmary. Passengers or service providers may deny access to EMT health care and proceed to work at their destinations if approved by EMT health care providers. RTD or its representatives are not liable in the case that the person refusing to provide health care decides to proceed to their intended destinations.

Provided to qualifying Access-a-Ride customers, the Access-a-Cab provides an alternate on the same date experience. This is a taxi shuttle bus that operates on a frequent basis. Neither is Access-a-Cab intended to substitute the Access-a-Ride programme, nor is it a requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. First $2.00 of the ticket price is paid by the traveller; RTD will pay the next $12.00.

Traveler is liable for any amount in excess of $14.00. Five - or ten-trip tickets are not acceptable as fares for Access-a-Cab journeys. In order to plan a trip with Access-a-Cab, please call 303.244.1388. We will ask you for your ID number and the precise pick-up and return information as well as the choice of a taxi service.

Currently there are three (3) taxi operators offering this service: You can book the journey back at the same with your initial travel application if you stay longer than two (2) hour at your final destinations or plan to travel after 9:00 pm. We have a limitation of four (4) single rides per 24-hour timeframe on Access-a-Cab.

If the taxi operator you have chosen to deliver your journey notifies the call center that it cannot meet the enquiry, the call center team will liaise with the other taxi operators to replan your journey. FTE support is ONLY provided if the taxi operator is not able to make a car available for your comeback.

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