Private Jet Experience

jet private experience

Enjoy the comfort of A&K's private jet with first-class, full-surface reclining seats. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents

We take good care of everything from the perfection of your travel route to the preparation of your breakfast cup of tea according to your wishes - so that you can lean back, unwind and savour the trip. Through our worldwide concierge and expert concierge networks, we open the door to unforgettable adventures and offer exceptional accessibility to every single city.

We are there for you when it comes to food - from serving suggestions for restaurants to personalised on-board food and private dinner outings. Starting with tour scheduling and food reservation through to baggage service and visa, we make sure every detail is taken into account so you can concentrate on the real pleasures of traveling.

Wherever possible, we support you with visa and visa applications and make the safety of your custom clearance a snap with private, accelerated clearance. You can be sure that if you encounter any health problems during your journey, you will be looked after by a local physician on the boat.

Abercrombie & Kent - The Private Jet Experience

Fly with a private jet and your trip will take you to a whole new world of comfort and versatility. Guests on the Boeing 757 from A&K will land at exciting locations that are not easy to reach via the big airlines, avoid long tariff and safety routes and come and go according to a schedule depending on your travel schedule - not the comfort of an air carrier.

Her handcrafted cowhide sitting, one of only 50 on the boat, lies 180┬░ in a more than 1.5 metre long mattress, with relaxed massages and fully reclining backrest, available at the push of a knob. The foot rest of each chair also serves as an extra sitting surface, ideal for a spontaneous cocktail conversation, while an adjustable read lamp, electrical outlets and visual protection have everything you need at hand.

At every turn, your committed crews take care of your needs, working relentlessly to make every moment in the sky a delight. Selected by A&K' expert staff for their exceptional kindness and love of detail, your steward will accompany you from beginning to end, transforming your private jet into an inviting home away from home.

Your private jet crews will be rounded off by an expert head cook and chef's assistent, who will monitor every portion so that every dish satisfies the highest demands for taste and freshness. An exclusive branded BBQ counter (along with a well-chosen wines list) rounds off an exclusive on-board experience.

And to make your flying experience even more comfortable, special iPads with optional features (along with high-quality Bose® headphones) are available for on-board use.

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