How much does a Helicopter Cost to Hire

What does a helicopter cost to rent?

There isn't always a contact, but most of the time I find someone I can turn to. Our helicopter can be hired for your wedding at the Pan India base. Auditors - Prices - Resources. Self Fly Hire (SFH) flying helicopters. In spite of its glamorous appearance the helicopter flight costs much less than you can imagine and is a realistic alternative to renting a limousine.

Rent a helicopter for your marriage

We have provided choppers for many marriages, just think, you will arrive stylishly in your own helicopter on your anniversary. When you are considering renting a helicopter for your anniversary, please contact us and we will be glad to help you. Helicopter chartering is quickly becoming the only transportation option for the advanced manager.

Within the fast-paced environment of today's busy economy, you need to be able to achieve your goals quickly, conveniently and with minimal effort. No matter whether you need to come to an important face-to-face get-together or company function - or just need to make a quick call - you can count on us to deliver only the most powerful and well-equipped choppers.

To get a more thorough view of the choppers we offer for personal charters, please visit the Helicopter Pool pages, where you will find detailed information, full specifications and high-quality pictures of our most famous charters. Chartering a helicopter is simple! In order to know how much it will cost you to rent a helicopter, just give us your itinerary, the place you are travelling from, the date and hour you wish to go, and the number of people you wish to fl.

You will be provided with the estimate of the cost of the ticket.

How to find us

As a rule, a honeymoon trip costs at least R3800 + tax for a brief trip between two points. As a rule, these are the anticipated minimal costs plus possible landings and boat charges from and to Krugersdorp Airport. Matric Dance Flights usually cost at least R3800 + tax for a quick ride between two points.

As a rule, these are the anticipated minimal costs plus any possible landings and transfer charges to and from Krugersdorp Airport. Is it possible for a helicopter to go at midnight? For public transport, however, only two engine and one autopilot helicopter. Do we have a place to put the helicopter? ii.

Locations must be of appropriate size and free of obstacles to comply with our helicopter specifications. What is the number of people your helicopter carries? Depending on what helicopter you want to rent or need to rent for a particular trip. The Robinson 44 Raven II is our default helicopter.

What does it cost to rent a helicopter? First of all, we only calculate the flying times. In addition, end cost will depend on several variables, such as helicopter model, number of passengers, number of pilot required, desired itinerary, season, hour of either 24 hours a day or 24 hours a night, and cost of airfare to and from Krugersdorp Airport, which may differ from aircraft to aircraft.

How long before the helicopter ride becomes uneconomic? Well, that really does depend on where you fly. We recommend, however, that a helicopter ride of more than 3 hours in any destination makes it uneconomic and it is probably cheapest and faster to rent a plane. Call our Helpdesk now at +27 (0) 72 219 3264 with your information so that we can provide you with the helicopter you need to make your journey a successful one.

Spare yourself a lot of extra effort and spare yourself a lot of trouble if you want to go to a particular occasion, an events or even a wonderful week-end.

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