Cessna Business Jet

The Cessna Business Jet

Cessna Citation Family is the business aviation line of Cessna. Quote X+ Cessna is a leading manufacturer of pilots' education and leisure jets and has an unrivalled line of single-engine reciprocating jets. Citation X+® is the world's quickest business jet with cross-continental reach. Citation X+ features an enhanced flying decks driven by the Garmin G5000 GPS 19000 Avionics suite. Using tactile controls, the air unit can adjust the display of information, display dimensions of elevation, accurately track meteorological conditions and track long-distance travel.

The four full-colour, easy-to-use touchscreen controls provide the original operator interfaces for the crews, and replace old-fashioned button, button and switch controls. Every general-purpose monitor can act autonomously as a prime air indication or multifunctional indicator. They can also work in multi-panel and show both PFD and MFD side by side on the same monitor.

Synthetic Vision Technology provides a realistic visual representation of terrains such as surface waters, lands, obstacles, transport and take-off and landing strips. SVT uses the system's elevation warning data base to improve the pilot's situation consciousness by providing a scale representation of elevation characteristics, obstructions and air travel near the airplane. The MFD functions can be subdivided into two perpendicular pages on the secundary screen.

Thus, the required information can be logically linked at a certain point in the order of travel. LinuxUs and LinuxUsAir work with the Central Diagnostics Maintenance System (CDMS) to act as a 100 per cent error insulation system that supervises the airplane. If a problem occurs on board, implementable responses are given in near realtime, resulting in a quicker turn-around to bring the plane back into the sky.

The LinxUs - indicates problems if you land with a Wifi link. The LinxUs Sky - reported problems during flying via satellites (for GSR56 aircraft).

About Cessna Citation Business Jet

It is the first in a new blogseries that introduces jetliners. We' re looking at the Cessna Citation line-up this weekend. When you need to prove that Cessna Citation planes are among the most beloved business jetliners in the world, remember: they account for about half of all business planes that fly on the commercial jet scene today.

Our spacecraft have a wide variety of missions in different categories of aeroplanes, reaching from turbo-props to supermid-dimensional planes. In a different way, Cessna has produced more than 7,000 quotations in more than four centuries. Ever since the founding of the Citation I in 1972, the American aviation and space agency has taken a practical stance in airplane development.

Textron, Cessna, a US company, attaches great importance to the development of aircraft that get the most out of themselves: Because of the wide variety of Citation line offers for chartering privately, our airline charter associations are able to co-ordinate business assignments for our customers that are tailored to their needs.

Citation Mustang is one of the most popular very lightweight jet fighters on the modern world. Offering space for up to five occupants and a cruising distance of 1,200 sea mile, it is the perfect plane for short-term business outings. Learn more about the charter of Citation Mustang. Slightly more spacious and slightly quicker than the Mustang, the Citation M2 is an entry-level jet that offers power and convenience in the lightweight family.

There is room for seven people, a cruising distance of 1,550 nm and a cruising rate of 464 km/h. Learn more about the charter of Citation M2. In addition, Cessna equipped it with longer blades and more powerfull Williams FJ44 turboprop for more power: Learn more about Citation's CJ3 Charter. The CJ4 is the biggest business jet of the Cessna Citation series, with room for up to 10 persons and individual pilots.

In addition, it provides a multi-purpose mix of velocity (up to 519 mph), reach (2,165 nm) and cab room (293 ft). Learn more about the Citation CJ4 Charter. The Citation XLS has the simple operation of a lamp, but provides everything you would have expected from a medium sized airplane: Learn more about the Citation XLS Chartas.

This Cessna Citation is the world's fast civil jet. That' for business travelers who need a plane that can keep pace with their busy schedule. While the Citation makes an impact, the Citation can perform a coast-to-coast quest 30 min quicker than its fellow classes. Learn more about the Charter of Citation Winter.

Although it is slow and has less reach than the athletic Citation X, the Sovereign is characterized by an extraordinary track outperformance. Learn more about Citation Sovereign Charter. The nine-seater Citation Latitude was developed for use between XLS and Sovereign and set the standards for cab ride quality and premium mid-range room.

It also effortlessly performs coast-to-coast operations with a max outreach of 2,850 nm and cruising speed up to 513 km/h. Learn more about the Citation Latitude Charta. Many other Cessna Citation planes are no longer in service, but are very much in demand for chartering privately. If you would like to book a Jet Checker for your own or a group, please call Stratos Jet Charters at (888) 593-9066.

Jet charters are available around the clock to offer you several offers of jet services for your on-demand flights.

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